Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let The Cold War Games Begin For Real

It is not a secret that the cold war between the U.S and Russia returned back during Putin and Bush presidency which reached to its epic with the Georgia and the American missiles system.

From two days ago the FBI announced the arrest of a Russian spy cell in the States , yes a Russian spy cell in a details that reminded me with the 1960s.

The American media is mad about that spy ring , of course the GOP will use this to revive the red communist fear in the American society and the tabloids  of course will find a golden mine , so it is not strange to find NY Post speaking about 50 Russian uncovered couples in the States or posting a special photo gallery for the beautiful sexy Russian spy Anna !!

Whoever thinks that the cold war was over is wrong and whoever thinks that peaceful relations mean to give a free pass for an old bitter enemy is naïve , really naive .

By the way FSB seemed to be following the old school of the KGB but old is gold and now an good American family will expect their Russian immigrant family as the next Rosenbergs.


  1. Find out about the beginning of another war @

  2. Even with GOP administrations in power, there has been little will to execute spies and traitors since the 1960s. Now we have a Democrat-controlled executive branch, senate and congress. The executive branch, i.e., Obama and the Justice Department, are the ones to decide on what charges and penalties to pursue. They want this spy issue to get off the front page and go away. There is zero chance of Rosenburg style executions no matter how many spies the FBI finds. Even unattractive spies are in no danger.


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