Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Photo of the Week : Les Miserables

Les Msiserables


  1. Your title is very telling, good sense Z :D ya 7'ebetna kolena

  2. What the... is Moammar Ghadafi going trick-or-treat?

  3. Dear Zenobia,

    I laughed a lot when I read the title, but I dont agree with you because Victor Hugo's novel titled Les Miserables was about people who were oppressed or maltreated (by the society), while those appearing on the picture made (or make) their own people miserables.

    Thank you for the fun I had!! :D

  4. Could someone help me find out where Quaddafi shops his cloths or does his mom dress him funny every morning before he goes to work?

  5. @Jason and Anon: its probably traditional clothes (probably inspired by African heritage since hes now in his im all African phase) so, no need to make fun of them, u r most welcomed to make fun of him though :)

  6. Look, a slideshow of Ghadafi fashions. What is wrong with the guy? He can't dress like a normal despot, he has to embarrass all of Libya. Maybe he should get a makeover on Queer Eye.

  7. Not that I like the man - his influence and actions in my country and the African region in general have been dismal - but making fun of the way he dresses - which is in the traditional Libyan manner in this photo - is childish.

    At least Libyans have a national outfit that they are proud of.

  8. Sokkar ya Z...

    To others: 'Miserable' can also be interpreted as:
    Mean or shameful, contemptible and also of POOR QUALITY ;)

  9. @Africanist: Well said

    @Jason: what is "normal" when it comes to dressing? Just bec the style of dressing that prevailed in the West got to be adopted by other countries that doesnt mean a person is not normal just bec he/she decides to dress differently or to stick to his nations traditional dressing.

    I know you probably do not mean it in a bad way but this is the prevailing mind set among those in the West that I can not really get, how could you be promoting personal freedoms in every thing including the way a person dresses but make fun and object to those who decide to be different just bec they are from a different country or culture?!!

    If any thing I respect those officials who make sure to reflect their national heritage with the way they dress and by sticking to their own language in int events. So, I'll be giving thumbs up to Ghadafi on that one.

  10. Sudanese Observer7/01/2010 08:31:00 PM

    Anonymous it's the prevailing mindset in 'Egypt'.

    Another example of how the Egyptians and the Sudanese differ is that our leaders (civilian and military) all proudly wear the national attire which is considered 'in Egypt' to be backward and associated with country bumpkins.

    Those Egyptians that are enamoured with the North western Mediterranean basin are most definitely 'not' in the West.

  11. I admit that picking on his manner of dress is somewhat childish, especially when there is so much more importantly wrong with him. But it's funny and I can't help it.

    And he's asking for it, frankly.

    If you look at the slide show I linked, not all his strange outfits are traditional garb. Some serve no purpose except to shout "me me me me look at me". When he goes to the United Nations in New York he won't stay in a regular room. He brings his tent. When he goes to Paris he has to have his camel. Okay, you can say he's a Bedouin, and Bedouins feel more at home with their tents and camels. Fine. Do Bedouins also take dozens of women bodyguards in camouflage battle dress wherever they go? I just don't agree his behavior is traditional or normal in any culture.

    What we see with him is one of the dangers of being a dictator: People are afraid to give him needed advice. Nobody tells him "Moammar, take that silly thing off" because they don't want to end up in a dungeon in Tripoli.

  12. @Sudanese: are you sure your words only relate to what these so-called leaders wear and not a general misleading statement about Egyptians in general?

  13. Sudanese Observer7/02/2010 05:42:00 PM


    1- What do you mean 'so called leaders?'

    2 - I've been to Egypt many times and the empirical evidence on how people, Arabic speakers in 'traditional attire' are negatively portrayed in the Egyptian media is crystal clear.

    So prove to me my statement was misleading.


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