Friday, June 18, 2010

Unrepresentative Sample

The media , at least the the official media is insisting that online activists and bloggers do not represent the Egyptian people except a very small segment , according to them we are considered privileged kids who are aliens to woes of the Egyptian people who do not trust us !! The official media claims we are nothing except meddling kids that are nothing compared to the mighty Mubarak regime

Anyhow if we are so insignificant why is the regime so freaked out from us , from what we write and from our tiny protests ?? 

I do believe we have reached as bloggers and activists with little clicks to the rest of their follow Egyptians before the world in a way that regime has never achieved nor will achieve. The best proof on this are : 6th April strike, ElBaradei campaign and Khalid Said Murder. I think we have managed whether as online activists , bloggers and Facebook Wall participants to replace a media that is scared to cross the line.

We are not unrepresentative sample on the contrary , the regime and its followers are the unrepresentative sample of the Egyptian people.


  1. Allow me Z to say that perhaps we should be accurate in this regard and distinguish between representating people, reaching them ..

    Bloggers and political/human rights activists are certainly representing the Egyptian people (and so does the independent media) but bloggers and human rights activists still do not reach these people as the media does(I namely mean newspapers such el-dostour, elshorou2... etc) ... bass kaman, none of them reaches (I mean has a direct and concrete contact) the egyptian people as the NGOs, their social workers and others (such as the MB with their social and economic services..)

    And to push any person to be part of the action, I think you should not only represent him but also reach him...

  2. Good point but let's remember that there are NGOs and bloggers that started to reach the people like the Nadeem Human rights center like the bloggers who helped to expose the lies of Khalid Said .
    In fact now I remember more incidents like for instance the last Parliament elections ..etc.
    Do not forget every year less people read newspapers due to economic conditions

  3. To all truth seeking bloggers:

    A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.
    John F. Kennedy


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