Friday, July 16, 2010

Belated Cheerful News : Musaad Abu Fagr Returns Back Home

After 30 months between the Egyptian jails and after many failed international and national calls and pleas ; the Egyptian regime has set Egyptian writer and activist Musaad Abu Fagr free.
Musaad Abu Fagr , the Sinai native and activist has returned back to his home and to his family after 30 months of illegal detention in a goodwill initiative among other detainees from the people there after the attempt to blow the gas pipeline to Israel.
In the past 24 hours Egyptians were introduced to Musaad through TV channels after only reading about him in the opposition newspapers and I think the man from Sinai has changed the perceived image in our minds about Sinai locals. Insh Allah I will post his interviews in Modern TV and On TV as soon as possible. 
I am very happy that the detention did not break Musaad ,on the contrary he came out even more determinant.
Abu Fagr is still angry from the regime and refuses to thank it for his release as he believes he should not have been detained all that time. During his detention there were several court orders for his immediate release that the regime totally ignored.
Despite being in jail for 30 months , Mussad knows about the current political movement from  the press , he knows about ElBaradei whom he wants to meet , he also wants to join the NFC.
In Abu Fagr saga one must mention admirably his wife and the mother of his 5 years old daughter Ranad "I hope that I did not misspell her name" , that lady is a great living example on how Egyptian woman can act in time of hardships. During her husband absence if I am not mistaken she kept his blog online updating it with news from Sinai and news about Mussad himself.
The Egyptian regime did a huge mistake of detaining Mussad because many people back in the valley believe in and support his just cause now.

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