Sunday, July 11, 2010

Follow Up : Khaled's Stand , A Nation's Stand

After one month of his murder and for the third week in role , the weekly Friday stand against torture across the country hit the nerves of the regime which means that it succeeded.
Last Friday Egyptians mostly from young people stood in silent stand starting from 6:30 PM at the corniche whether the Nile Corniche or the Sea Corniche. The regime was determined to crack down any stand especially in Alexandria and in Cairo.Not less than 20 activists were detained that day.
Security forces in Alex 
20 brave young people held a silent stand at Al Azhar park for the first time in the history of the park ,in fact in the history of any park in Egypt.
At Al Azhar Par

There was a small protest at the journalists syndicate.
By Sarah Carr
Abigail Hauloshner aka Dear Abby , the Time reporter and the NY Times photographer were reportedly beaten in the Alexandria stand when things got ugly there.Here are their photos when things were peaceful.

There was a time magazine video about the incident presented by Mona El-Tahawy.

I think this video will give an idea to the case and its updates in brief for westerners who do not know what is going in the valley of the Nile.
Khaled Said's mother and sister have participated in the stand this type. Also Egyptian actor/activist and UN Ambassador Khaled Abu Naga participated in the stand too.
In Mansoura , the NFC held a huge public meeting and stand headed by Dr. Mohamed Ghonaim himself and despite the harassment of  the police forces , the meeting was successful according to eye witnesses. 

What was new this time is that the Egyptians and human rights activists in London organized a silent protest with anti-torture banners and pictures of Khaled , it was very successful protest by all measures and I hope that Egyptians all over the world do the same.
Protesters gather in Marble Arch
In London
The birds scene was so beautiful
Two Arab kids from Gulf ask : who is Khalid to BBC Arabic reporter

There was an attempt for Egyptian and tweeps to make #Khaledsaid a twitter global top 10 trend in order to create more international interest in the case yet we have failed to in achieving the global top 10 trend yet we have managed to make it the top local trend in several Arab countries. Arab tweeps from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar,Lebanon, Bahrain and Tunisia , it was wonderful moment to read their tweets and hopes for change in Egypt as any real positive change happens in Egypt , will for sure affect the other Arab countries in a positive way.

These stands remind me when the Iranians stood on their roofs and screamed with the loudest voice  "Allah Akber" , our silence stand is our scream.


  1. That is so inspiring. It fills me with emotion. Every time I see Khaled's face I feel incredible sadness but at the same time I feel powerfully touched by the way in which Egyptians are standing up for their freedom. As an Irish woman, with a history of abuse, both personally and culturally, this touches me deeply! I would like to join the next silent stand in London. In the meantime I will continue to tweet and post on facebook! In love and solidarity.

  2. Im so loving those behind the Khaled Said Facebook group, they have managed to rally young Egyptians in particular like no one has managed.

    Im also so loving how those protesting are thinking outside the box, they have no problem changing the place if thanks to security thugs they couldnt carry on protesting at the chosen venue, Azhar Park is a great idea and hopefully makes those who are still not aware or reluctant get a glimpse of what is really happening.


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