Thursday, July 15, 2010

Follow Up : Mubarak Is Fine and Alive

To stop the rumors mills the Egyptian presidency has announced a busy schedule for Mubarak to prove that he is fine and does not suffer any health problems.

Today he attended the graduation of new batch from the air forces academy in Sharkia governorate.He still has got the graduation of the new batch from the war school and the 23rd July speech besides his trips around the country and outside it.

The presidency through diplomatic sources claimed that Mubarak has cancelled his meeting with Netanyahu to protest the razing of an Arab house in East Jerusalem !!! Of course these sources want to justify the rumors the Israeli media has been spreading for two weeks about his deteriorating health but unfortunately I wished the presidency should have chosen better excuse because with the history of the visit to Cairo and the Israeli illegal expansion in East Jerusalem and the rest of occupied territories we know that Mubarak does not care that much for the Israeli expansion.

I think the cancellation of that meeting was due to the Israeli reports speaking about health.

Now a nice historical fact , Mubarak's turning point in his career life was when Nasser paid a surprise visit to the air forces academy in Sharkia after the six days war ,he found no high ranking officer or any member of the staff there except one man : Mohamed Hosni Mubarak.Nasser as a reward of his dedication decided to transfer him from the academy to the air forces which was being rebuilt during then; of course Nasser did  not think for one moment , single moment that that man would be the fourth President of Egypt and that he would rule more than him and the man after him combined together.


  1. @Zeinobia, Is Mubarak giving a speech 23 July? If so I'll believe he's fine then, when we see the speech with audio. The film clip in your second link shows he can stand up, walk and shake hands, but look at his lips. They never move. He gave three awards to the new airmen but never said "congratulations" or "thank you for serving Egypt" or whatever? Suspicious.

  2. I notice that too and I know that 23rd of July speech could be recorded but what we can do , just wait and see

  3. Hey Jason and Z: one of the readers left a comment under the news that the president was attending this graduation thing, I think it was at masrawy saying, he only was there for about 10 minutes and didnt stay for long and to ask the families attending the ceremony about that and that even the photo used to accompany the report was from archives

    Its funny when the presidency claims Mubarak didnt meet the Israeli PM bec of the house demolition while today Israel is thanking Egypt for her help with convincing the Libyan aid ship not to continue heading for Palestine

  4. This is a photo op to gain time and fool the public until his son and the army echelon position themselves before his demise.


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