Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mubarak Is An Arab Muslim . Rabbi !!

When the news found its way online , one thought it was joke or rumor but it turned to be real one today : Israeli far right wing Shas party spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef sent a letter to President Mubarak of Mubarak through Israeli PM Netanyahu wishing him a speedy recovery !!!
It is no secret that the Israelis pray day and night for Mubarak’s speedy recovery but Ovadia Yosef !! Is not that the man who called the Arabs as cockroaches and snakes !!??  Was not he the man who said the following :
     The Lord shall return the Arabs’ deeds on their own heads, waste their seed and exterminate them, devastate them and banish them from this world. … It is forbidden to be merciful to them. You must send missiles to them and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable
     They’re stupid. Their religion is as ugly as they are
I do not know if the man ignores the fact that Mubarak is an Arab Muslim after all.
For sure we have our own Islamic Arabic versions of Ovadia Yosef , yet they do not send “wish you a speedy recovery letters” to Netanyahu , on the contrary they are shunned officially. 
This is what has come in the letter according to Zionist websites :
     For your highness, President of Egypt Muhammad Hosni Mubarak, may his glory be exalted. May you continue to lead you countrymen in majesty, courage and strength, for a lifetime and in peace; may you succeed in all your doings, according to your heart’s desire.
The Israeli media claims that Yosef is a close friend to Mubarak , well Mubarak’s official media did not highlight that friendship all that time for the record.
I do not know what or how the official media in Egypt will say about that “ Refuah Shleimah “ letter to Mubarak not to mention how it will break the news that Mubarak’s health is not so well as it is known abroad to the Egyptian people.
Here is a photocopy from the letter which was leaked to the press after delaying the meeting with Bibi for some unknown reasons


  1. Maybe we will all soon discover that Mubarak is originally Jewish and he was an Israeli spy like the Syrian famous case, the Moroccan Imam or the movies “Abna Elam”

    The rabbi Yousef message is just a planning for giving Mubarak a proper Jewish burier in case of his death.

  2. Ovadia Yosef sounds like a creep, judging from those quotes. But prominent people often send get-well messages to sick heads of state, even to enemies. It's just pro-forma politeness without empathy or conviction.

    You say "the Israelis pray day and night for Mubarak’s speedy recovery". The Israelis are a realistic and practical people and know Mubarak won't live forever. Their opinions of Mubarak personally, or of his domestic policies inside Egypt, don't play much of a role in their hopes for his health or illness. What is important to them is that Egypt's leader, whoever it may be, continues to abide by the 1979 Egypt-Israel peace treaty. Mubarak has done okay on that score, from their perspective. Perhaps the main complaint they'd have is that he hasn't shut down the tunnels from Egypt to Gaza.

  3. @anonymous lol ,

    @Jason , I think it is against their national security to support Mubarak because if you look to it people in Egypt are extremely angry , are extremely furious from Mubarak and his policies including his relations with the Israelis
    It is just like playing with fire

  4. @Annon 4:39PM
    Arabic meaning of Hosni Mubarak is excellent happy blessed.
    Therefore his undercover Jewish name is Ben-Tziyon from the Hebrew, meaning
    “excellence” or “son of Zion.” and
    Asher from the Hebrew, meaning, “blessed, fortunate, happy.”
    So translation is Ben-Tziyon Asher

  5. What a disrespectful post.

    Rabbi Ovadia Yosef is an iraqi-born jew. He also spent several important years as a delegate to the Jewish community in Egypt. he is not an arab hater, despite all the quotes people are trying to attribute to him. Despite being a secular Jew and for the most part not agreeing with the religious world view, this is the same practice that's done everytime else which the arab world cries foul about. should i start bringing out the 'anti-jewish' quotes from the Koran? I won't, out of respect - but don't go that path yourself as well.

    the infamous missiles quote was made in joint reference to a horrible event that took place in iraq, which the arab world consistently refuses to take responsibility for, the farhud, in which 179 jews were murdered in cold blood and thousands more lost their property. It's just that we don't adhere to western notions of 'political correctness' (which, btw, arabs don't adhere to either, freely mixing anti-judaism with anti-zionism and using the latter to justify the former - and then cry foul when they're pointed at).

    that being said, I personally couldn't care less about your country as long as you adhere to the 1979 accords and cease blaming israel for all your woes (like the nile accords).

  6. @ArabJew

    "I personally couldn't care less about your country as long as you adhere to the 1979 accords and cease blaming israel for all your woes (like the nile accords)." That's kind of what I figured. Thanks for confirming.

  7. Arabjew's statement strikes me as rather out of place as the quote above mentioned from Rabbi A.Yossef isn't from any Bible....rather a quote from the man himself. The statements in the Koran that refer to killing are always preceeded by the words "unbelievers" as in all the Holy books, those who do not believe in God; but in the Koran you will also find that we are told that there good and bad people Jews, Muslims,Christians & Zoroastrians. Lest we forget, Moses pbu was Egyptian,Jesus pbu was Palestinian and Mohamed pbu was Saudi Arabian....& lest you forget, it was after the Jews had crossed the dry Red Sea which had been split open for them, following Moses pbu, seen the Pharoah's army drown, been given mana & honey to eat, seen water gushing from rocks to quench their thirst, they went back to worshiping a whistling golden calf..... you draw your own conclusions....Until today they don't admit that Jesus pbu and the Virgin Mary pbu were ever on Earth & so most don't feel that Jesus pbu was betrayed by Judas for silver coins while Muslims believe Jesus pbu, son of Mary, was raised living to the side of God and will be sent down to signal the end of the world; the many times I have been in Israel I was told that Judaism is a race first and a religion second, meaning you could be an Atheist Jew, but still a Jew..& Zionism is not limited to Jews but to all religions, races & creeds just like evil and good are. Good people of any religion, colour or creed eventually find each other. & if someone wants to twist any Holy books' words to suit their own evil purposes, they will certainly do so. I cannot imagine that Torquemada found consent in the Bible for his inquisition or that Hitler found blessing for his evil in any Bible but they both managed to twist the words enough to suit their purposes.


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