Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Recognizing The Elephant

Awad : As a diplomat we deal with these rumors frequently
At last the regime began to admit that there is an elephant in the room , yes the regime says it is not a sick elephant but at least it is addressing the matter after it has became an international media sensation. The minister of information El-Faki and the Egyptian presidency spokesperson today have officially addressed the foreign reports about the President's health describing these reports as rumors. The minister's statement mentioned specifically the report of Washington Times which claimed that according to international intelligence sources Mubarak has got one year to live. For the record El-Faki's statement did not say what came in the Washington Times report and ironically now all Egyptians who did not know about the report will go online and search for it !!
The presidency spokesperson Soliman Awad said today during the press conference which was held at Orba Palace that as a diplomat he dealt with these rumors frequently accusing foreign intelligence agencies of spreading these rumors to target Egypt's stability and role in the region !! Ironically these rumors come from Mubarak's regime best allies in the world : Israel and the United States. 
I knew about that report from Bahraini Al Bawaba when it claimed that NY times published an alleged CIA assessment report claiming that President Mubarak is sick and has got only one year to live ,I can't find that report in NY Times thought !! Al Bawaba also mentioned  another report in Washington Post that expresses the concern of the American administration with the future of Egypt , again I can't find it because it was not published in the Washington Post but rather in the Washington Times.
YNet News also spoke about that WT report as WP report by the way.The Israelis are still talking about the health of Mubarak more than we do now . Bibi says that Mubarak is more than fine and Mubarak's BBF the hero of Shakid says that Mubarak's voice on the phone is perfect and he does not suffer from anything  from one side while from another side you got a Knesset member who advises his prime minister not to rush to negotiate with dying Mubarak !!??
The health of Mubarak is still the talk of town in the World despite the President's very busy week from meetings and activities unlike the reports claiming that he got a terminally ill cancer with one year to live only. These activities of course are a message directed to the whole world that Mubarak is alive yet it seems the world does not believe that message like for instance Front Page Magazine which claimed that he got a terminal stomach cancer "it was first esophageal cancer"
Yes there is no smoke without fire and yes it seems that the end of the Mubarak regime seems to be knocking on the door, but I do not know why that this cancer rumor is not that convincing because here we are speaking about cancer in very old age ; even if it is in early stages , an old man like Mubarak got a terminally ill cancer , can't do all those activities.
We are having a dangerous time for sure in Cairo


  1. Excellent roundup of links about Mubarak's health, Z. I was going to send you some but I see you got them already.

    If he's healthy, then as an 82 year old he's expected actuarially to live to about 90, and is almost certain to survive until the September 2011 election. I don't think he's healthy though.

    I don't put much weight in the Israeli Trade Minister's claim that he sounds fine. A third-party report of a phone conversation with a non-expert? Meh.

    Mubarak could end the rumors by giving a live speech in a public venue. Or having a news conference to answer reporters' questions. Or being a guest on Elbeet Beetak. But he doesn't do it.

  2. "it seems that the end of the Mubarak regime seems to be knocking on the door"

    optimistic .. elli khallef mamatsh :P wMot Mubarak msh mot the Regime

  3. I thought that the Lebanese Al Safir was the first to announced the news about his poor health by quoting an Arab diplomat who said that Mubarak was a walking corpse.

  4. Its all in the hands of God, but what do ppl expect from a man how passed 80 years? What are his chances of being "able" to rule? arent we seeing enough signs that the man is out of it and others are in effect running the country? Isnt there a condition for a president to be "fit" to rule and that doesnt include describing him as "someone who makes his presidential aids run around and unable to catch up with him" as mentioned in an official statement yesterday, if any thing it sounds as if they are talking about a dog not a president :D


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