Monday, August 16, 2010

Damietta War Zone 2005 !!

What you are going to see below was shot in year 2005 , this was not a war zone ,it was during the Parliamentary elections of 2005. I repeat this was not a war zone or a fight , it was shot in Egypt not in Iran, it was shot in Egypt not in Iraq or Gaza.
Damietta Curfew
As you can see the police imposed some sort of curfew in Damietta forcing people to stay in their homes and at the same opened their fires to make them scared and to stop any attempt for the voters to go to the voting committees for fear the MB would win !!
It is not about the Muslim brotherhood but about the principle itself , I swear the same thing would happen if for instance we have socialist brotherhood instead of the MB , the same thing will happen !!
Now this was from 5 years , I wonder what will happen in this year's important elections !!?? This is why many Egyptians want either a full judiciary supervision or international supervision.


  1. El Naschie says no international election observers are needed. Nobody could be stronger and tougher in assuring free and fair elections than President Mubarak. Arabic or English.

  2. ok we do not need international supervision , what about the full judiciary supervision !!??
    Let him say what ever he wanted

  3. this is an act of cowards and dictatorship! Egyptians people dont deserves to be treated like criminals and animals in their own homes or streets or country! I hope someday they will rise up and said enuf is enuf and they want justice and dignity!


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