Sunday, August 22, 2010

Follow Up : The 10th of Ramadan Khaled Said’s Protest Videos

I promised to post the videos as soon as I found them and here they are , just after the break , please continue reading the post because there are interesting new human rights case we all should discuss now.
A protest in front of Khaled’s house–10th of Ramadan
Another part of the 10th of Ramadan protest
Now in the second video you will find someone is speaking about a young man called Mohamed whom is allegedly kidnapped by the State security , who is that Mohamed !!??
 Mohamed Turk
Mohamed Saad Turk is an Egyptian young man from Alexandria , he was studying to become a dentist when he was disappeared or allegedly kidnapped by the State security in July 2009 with no court order or any charge at all , his arrest and detention accordingly are illegal considering the fact that he is not terrorist or drug dealer ; in fact he is introvert young man who played the piano and guitar !! For a year now his family has not seen him why !!?? Because he went down street unshaved while Mubarak was visiting Alexandria !!
Turk must return home insh Allah , he can be the next Khaled; we all should stand with his family in the same way we are standing with Khaled’s family till his safe return.

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