Saturday, August 21, 2010

Khaled Said Iftar in Alexandria

Today was busy day in Egypt despite we are in the weekend , we had two important public political Iftars : The 6th April youth Iftar dish party at Al Azhar park in Cairo and the Khaled Said Iftar in Alexandria.
The Khaled Said Iftar was more important with my all respect and admiration to the 6th April youth because this Iftar was a direct message that we did not forget Khaled Said in Ramadan as the regime wished for.
The choice of the 10th of Ramadan date was not random , in fact it was more than perfect , more than a weekend ; it is 10th of Ramadan, our Yom Kippur war Hijri anniversary with all its significance.
The Iftar followed by a silent stand were planned to be held in front of Khaled’s house in Cleopatra neighborhood. The Iftar and silent stand were planned too in other 5 governorates. Mrs. Laila Said , the mother of Khaled invited the youth to Khaled’s Iftar as they are her children and it is not the first Ramadan without her youngest son.

The Iftar and silent stand took place in Alexandria along  and they were successful yet violent as usual when protesters began to chant against Mubarak,his son and the MOI.
Just check the photos below

With metal rods
Ready to fight
Head injuries

Another injured
 This is so merciful in the holy month of Ramadan !!
More to come , I am currently waiting for video clips to surface in the YouTube and Facebook.
Updates : 
Abu Omar
  • More photos were added. 

  • Here is a photo from the Stand in Damietta

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