Sunday, August 1, 2010

The National Day of Hacking in Egypt !!

Wow it seems that today is the national day of Hacking in Egypt !! Forget about Youm 7 because now the main fan page of Gamal Mubarak in Facebook has been hacked. It has been hacked by an opposition group that refuses Gamal Mubarak and his father as well.
Ayman Nour who launched an anti-Gamal Mubarak last week with the slogan 'Egypt is bigger than you' has denied any relation with the hacking and he has denounced it on twitter. The Nour's campaign was featured in the page after it was hacked.
No one has claimed its responsibility yet for this operation.
The red circle shows Nour's campaign link 


  1. "The National Day of Hacking in Egypt !!"

    This is the best title indeed....!!!!

  2. God bless those who managed to pass to mr. Junior how most of us Egyptians really feel about him and his father as potential runners for the presidency

  3. Z, its interesting that the hackers wrote that they checked how many signed for Gamal's campaign and that they only found 50 signatures which means that what El Kurdy said about having already 16000 and 3 million supporters is a big fat lie


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