Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Omar Afifi : John Does Are Victims of Torture

Former police officer /lawyer and activist Omar Afifi has opened his fires on MOI in his interview in Al Hurra Channel.1
You should all watch it below
Omar Afifi reveals new secrets about torture in Egypt
Many of the things he has revealed and exposed we already knew but what is can new and shocking he claimed or revealed that most John Doe dead bodies found in the streets , dumpsters and pounds even the Nile  and declared in our newspapers are originally people who were killed by torture in the police stations !!
This is a very dangerous accusation considering the facts that we find John Does across from time to time in Egypt and Omar Afifi was working in the force.
The former policeman whose book was banned in Egypt is insisting that 85% of Policemen reject all these practices but they have to shut up otherwise they will face penalties including being transferred to Upper Egypt.
I know that Afifi will be discredited because he fled to the States and he spoke at the infamous Al Hurra because he wants to be famous and rich..etc , well if he wanted to be famous and rich , he would choose the short way and became another regime's hypocrite police general not this hard way for God sake. Already if there was something wrong or black in the file of this man during his work in the MOI we would know about it as the ministry will not hesitate in defaming him.
1.First time to  know that it is still on air !!


  1. Who hired the moron who conducted this interview, all he did was interrupt his guest.


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