Monday, August 30, 2010

The photos of The Week : An Invention Called Luggage !!

Qaddafi is visiting Rome and any good photographer should stalk him like a good paparazzo because honestly you will get interesting shots in a way or another , Qaddafi is against boredom
The king of kings of African jungles, Safari and deserts1 also the catwalks came with his usual Amazonian bodyguards and luckily Getty’s photographer did not leave as soon as Qaddafi reached the ground as what he caught later was not less interesting then what is coming from his own Libyan air force 1 or whatever he calls it.

Qaddafi clothes
From the ironing service !!

There is an invention called luggage and this invention is old , it can keep clothes fine without wrinkles !!
Can someone tell me who is that man in the red circle, he is Qaddafi aide and always accompanies him in his travel!!?
Who is that !!?
I wish I can find the old photos of the fight between Qaddafi bodyguards and Hosni Mubarak’s security in Sharm El-Sheikh.
1. Just before I find endless comments on my words , well I am proud of Africa’s jungles , Safari and deserts which do not exist any place in the world and I am also proud of my Egyptian sarcasm that gives me the ability to make fun of a bloody dictator that made many of his own people sad. Africa will not continue to become from the third world except when dictators like Qaddafi extinct from its land. 


  1. Could somebody list the number of despots and dictators in Africa?

  2. Qaddafi pays so much attention to his wardrobe, he is probably a homosexual. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  3. Sudanese Mahdist9/01/2010 12:16:00 AM


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