Friday, September 24, 2010

A Date With Khaled Said’s Murder trial Tomorrow in Alexandria

I hope that you have not forgotten Khaled Said and his murder trial because tomorrow Alexandria will witness another round in his murder trial as the second hearing will take place at 8 AM.

It is nearly 100 days ago when Khaled Said was brutally beaten to death by two plain clothed police agents in the street in front of the people , many of these witnessed heard by their own ears his screams and pleas to stop the beating as he was dying. Days later the terrible photos of dead Khaled Said found their way online launching a wave of anger Egypt has not seen in years and after few of days following the photos’ leak  we found out Said had a video clip incriminating not only the two agents but their superior officers at Sidi Gaber police station leading to more anger. As usual and with out any consideration the MOI stood with its men in Sidi Gaber regardless of the violations they committed against Khaled on that day and strangely its men in Sidi Gaber made it look even worse when they published false data about late Khaled’s criminal history which was highlighted rudely in official media like Al Ahram for example.

Nonetheless neither the MOI nor the regime could have predicted the level of anger the murder of this young man generated , for the first time since very long time we find middle class families standing in silence for one hour through out the country and the world too to express their anger and their refusal from the regime ill treatment to them and to their children.

Last July Khaled’s murder trial started with many speculations as it has become not a murder trial but rather another standoff between a regime Vs. Public

This video in Arabic will refresh your memory.

Khaled Said trial on the 25th of September 2010

You can refresh your memory in English by paying a visit to Khaled Said English website or you can simply type Khaled Said in the search form above and you will find several posts dedicated to him and his just cause.

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