Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Do Not Mess With The Social Network Generation

The activists in Egypt have reached to an important finding in the ElBaradeis photos issue or rather Laila ElBaradei’s FB account screen cap in that group; it is fake.
According to Language settings in Facebook excluding the name of the member all the FB page will have a standard language whether Arabic or English in our case so it is kind of strange to find one command in English while another in Arabic excluding Laila’s name and this is just the start because there are spelling mistakes in that screen cap too !!??
So how can we trust anything from that source claiming to be Laila's BBF !!??
Here is the proof :
The fake screen cap above and below an original screen cap

Thanks to our wonderful geek activists.
For the record Laila’s husband converted to Islam and they were married according to Islamic Sharia at our Embassy in Vienna in 2007 where our Ambassador then testified on the marriage. Already we know that her husband converted to Islam but we did not know that our diplomats in Vienna knew that and kept it as secret for a week or something when back in Cairo people were speaking about her marriage from a non Muslim even not in public. BBC was the first to air this news then Al Dostor confirmed it through unnamed diplomat who used to work in the embassy and witnessed this marriage and even gave the marriage certificate id number.
This unnamed diplomat refused to mention his name for fear , this is my only explanation , did our diplomats in Vienna receive orders to keep their mouth shut !!??
And the NDP claims its rejection to this dirty game !!?? With my all respect Abdullah Kamal was the first to suspect the religious beliefs of Laila ElBaradei.
Of course if the regime is smart , it should back off this dirty game because those who live in glass houses should not throw people with stones and Safwat Al Sharif’s glorious past is well known for everybody , this is just the tip of the iceberg.


  1. Well, I am not sure, but Facebook Arabic translation has changed across time, so it might be a true cap of her Facebook profile sometime ago.

    If that argument is true, however. Then why did this screen cap surface after all that time, not from the very beginning.

  2. who the fuck cares about that chick!

    here dad is a CLOWN anyway just look at his big ears!

  3. @Mohammed Gamal
    What about the spelling mistake Poke/ Pok
    This screencap was allegedly taken recently because that was the photo of Laila she recently posted

    @anonymous , I just posted your hateful disgusting comment to show how the other side think

  4. @Zeinobia:
    Like I said, the Facebook translations changed over time, and if I recall correctly, the translations were actually contributed by users.

    I don't care about Laila's data to be honest, but I am just concerned with how this information might impact the efforts for change.

  5. change meen ya 3omar....ento bayen 3leko mab bet goosh bil adab!

  6. @Mohammed , when I speak about when this screen cap was taken I took in consideration all this , this screen cap was modified recently and the evidence is Laila's status as that CNN TV show she was speaking was aired recently

    @anonymous , is that a threat !!?

  7. @Mohamed Gamal: This profile is a fake one and a lousy made one. Go and try it in your profile to have your basic info page which comes up to those not on your friends list to be in two languages and it wont work.This page isnt even the actual profile page, its mimicking the page that comes out when someone who is not on your list searches for your profile.
    I think ppls reaction so far as been pro Baradie, even the ones who were not convinced of him turned out supporting him. So, far this dirty ploy has backfired. Also, Im sure, if they kept on using dirty tricks, shaming photos of important figures will start to turn up. Whomever planned this isnt too smart, didnt calculate how it might backfire and how this could make ppl pay attention to the personal lives of those in power and many have a lot of skeletons theyd wish to keep away from the public eye.

    @Z: What is laughable is the low level of sophistication the "we all know who is behind this" have as far as IT matters. Granted they managed to hack her own account (or a friends account that had these photos as well) and get hold of some of her photos but they cant work out a proper fake account. Whats even worse for them is that none of the photos showed any family members including the husband, holding drinks or drinking. We all know, the ones who really drink are the ones who try and make sure their photos dont show them holding a drink and if they do or if they drink in public they make sure to cover it with tissues, like weve seen several ministers and their bodyguards, getting paid from our taxes, doing in events.
    What puzzles me here is how come Facebook has remained silent on this? If any thing, it shows a serious security breach and they need to respond to it. Also, someone may be you bloggers need to make it internationally known how supporters of change, including those who are not journalists or members of political movements are getting their accounts hacked or threatened openly, by the likes of the idiot coward Anon above. This type of behavior needs to be brought to international attention and Id say some need to start trying to initiate official complaints to the telecom police. I know they wont do any thing but then even their reluctance to investigate specific complaints and reveal the IP addresses of someone like the idiot above, should be also made public.
    The coming days will mark an attempt to crack down on internet opposition of any kind and the recent decision by the Minister of Culture to take down several websites under allegations of infringing authors rights, could be exploited to that end, especially since the decision was very sudden.

  8. You know who is the best person to be behind the wasting time photos matter .....?? It is El-Baradei himself , what a lovely thing when you do something and increase your popularity among a certain level of people ... All of the ones fighting now for him and his rights for personal life are from this background who doesn't care less about the personal believes of their leader ( And yes Mubarak himself should not be in his place) , Baradei knows who are his fans and his playing with them ... The man used to play politics for a long time .... Zeinobia , just remember this : "Baradei photos - Gamal posters - Omar soliman posters ... all this is just the start of a bigger scheme , we have to wait and see no one of these three is behind any of the others incidence ... Maybe , someone else has just started playing and the first thing to do is burning all the others"

  9. Whatever Egyptians' opinion about El-Baradie, leaking photos of Laila is a dishonoured and unethical issue. I thougth this was a basic thing in our cultrue but from the comments everywhere, people have changed to the worse!

  10. @Hicham: I disagree, following readers comments on several news websites and the strong reaction most of the callers on Adeebs show had, it seems the majority saw this as invasion of privacy, dirty tricks, no problem with his daughter wearing a bathing suite and even for some no problem with him drinking as long as hes capable and honest. Personally, I was surprised I though this would be his end. The reality is that the whole fiasco backfired and even drew attention to the actions of the families of those high up, which wont make many of them comfortable. Also, we have a proof on this post that the photos backfired and the majority of Egyptians ended up feeling for El Barady, otherwise we wouldnt have got this idiot up there threatening us. Ask Z, Im sure shell tell u this type of threats only happens when opposition about a particular issue is strong.


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