Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Egyptian Blogger Called Wael Khalil

The photo scandal of the week which is making headlines worldwide is another triumph to the Egyptian blogosphere as the one who discovered from all the world is Egyptian follow blogger Wael Khalil.
I repeat the one who discovered is Wael Khalil.
Who said that blogs are losing their power in Egypt !!?? We have just started 😉
Up till this moment, Al Ahram is acting as if there were nothing wrong it had done !!


  1. أنا شفت الصور مع صديق في المكتب على بروفايل الصحفي وائل جمال على الفيسبوك. بعدها نشر وائل خليل الصور على تويتر. لا ادري مين لاحظها الأول ومش مهم كتير. الأهم انها طلعت والفضيحة بقت على صفحات الغارديان. الأهرام فاقت كل التوقعات السيئة!

  2. Kudos to Egyptian bloggers. For me, you guys are becoming a more accurate source for info. I always come and check how you guys have reported or tweeted on a particular big story, helps me get a better idea of what really went on.

  3. Congratulations Egypt, Al Aharm's 'doctored' picture made the national news tonight on all North American networks NBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and a lot more.
    The Canadian.

  4. @Ghafari , why journalist Wael did not reclaim it if he spoted first
    anyhow back to Al Ahram the question is when they will admit

    @anonymous#1 thanks :)

    @Canadian , I hope this will result in sacking off Osama Sariya the chief in editor of Al Ahram soon

  5. A response to the interview with AlJazeera's Inside Story (min20):

    My dear brother, Wael Khalil, we share the same anti-western sentiment. We are well aware of the American crimes in the region. And yes, the 1953 CIA engineered coup against the Iranian democratic government is but one example. But let it not blind us towards the bleeding hearts in Iran who are sharing your very struggle. The "3 people on the rooftops" you refer to, meant 3 million people in the streets, it meant hope, it meant free elections, it meant an end to torture, and the possibility of preventing some 700 executions that happened in Iran last year alone.
    My dear brother, please know that the people of Iran live under the same conditions as yourself: unemployment, poverty, corruption, and repression, in addition to institutionalized sexual discrimination. It's anti-western government has not done any better than you western-backed government. Its people however, are watching your movement with great hope and appreciation. They know well of the smell of blood in the street. Please Don't minuscule them to be only a hallucination of the western political agenda. Their blood is worth more than that...

  6. Dear sir/madam,

    My name is Razi, I'm an Afghan born 22 yo student from Amsterdam.

    There is an important message that needs to get to the Egyptian protesters and protesters in other Arab countries.

    Atleast 1/3 of the world is supporting you in your fight. I am one of them. Therefore, I see it as my duty as a fellow citizen of this world to present you with the following information. It is a new system. A system based on equality, brotherhood and freedom led by the Scientific Method (Science, not "Scientology"). Please read the following carefully and spread the information to the people.

    Best wishes,

    Razi Masoud

  7. The Egyptian people are in the very unique position of changing the world for the better, not just the Arab world.

    Please it is very important for you to read that information. Thousands of people like me, are trying to contact anyone or anything with the same information that I just sent you. I've been sending the information those dozens of media outlets and news sources all over the world.
    We, and the people, need a complete shift of systems, not just the change of dictators.

  8. VIVA VIVA VIVA!!!!!
    South Africa smiles ,beams with excitement for our fellow brothers and sisters up north...Congratulations.

    Do not be dupped!!! civilian elected parliment truly represented by the people not just the Military..whos been paid for 30 yrs ...BE CAREFULL, BE CAREFULL OF SULEIMAN!!!!!

    We South Africans, are concerned about 1 thing, Mubarak`s stepping down and passing the power to the Military . yes that is a change ,however the ministers & paid for Military still have the power to control as he did different person same vision. eg all"policies must be upheld", ..there we go!!! no change!!! ...the puppet masters still pulling the strings ,different puppet must`nt be allowed for true democracies to be achieved.

    South Africa


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