Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Follow Up : Did the little pony Die From A Month ago !!??

The mystery of Tal Mallohi is getting deeper and darker day after day , a Syrian human rights organization is insisting that Tal passed away from a month ago.
RCAT Organization claims that it knew that grim fate of Tal through a judge who is working secretly with the human rights organizations in Syria.The head of that organization claimed that he received an encoded message from that judge that 'the little pony died from a month ago' in the prison in reference to Tal and her age. 
Tal's mom can't find her at the Doma prison , she can't find her her daughter's name in the prison's prisoners database unlike what DP is claiming.
Guys we can shower the Syrian Embassy in Egypt with emails and faxes about Tal ,we can also do the same thing in the US , UK and France at least to know whether she is alive or dead. " a great suggestion via Nawara Negm"

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  1. I have emailed the Syrian embassy in London as suggested. (The My Treasure blog reposted your story.)


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