Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Follow Up : Tal Is in Doma Prison

Syrian News websites DP News claims that Tal is currently in Doma prison for women and that she is being accused of espionage !!! Yes the 19 years old blogger is being accused of espionage and do not ask me how or why but I hope the Syrian authorities rethink in that charge which will not stain her but will stain her family.

Doma prison which is located in Damascus is not much better from the rest notorious Syrian prisons.

This news leak comes after yesterday’s Tal’s stand in front of the Syrian embassy in Cairo , I do not know if that small stand managed to irritate the regime there to this level especially Human rights watch has at last addressed the matter.

All what I fear from is we find the official Syrian newspapers which are just like Al Ahram claim that Tal was working for the Egyptian embassy and this is why opposition groups protested her detention and the Egyptian security cracked the stand !!

Here are couple of videos from the stand by Mohamed Maree of Egytimes.org

Tal Stand P.1
Tal Stand P.2

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