Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Live Blogging : Orabi 2010

This post will be updated insh Allah accordingly with the latest updates and coverage from the Orabi stand in both Cairo and Alexandria.
First of all the Orabi stand in Alexandria was moved from Ras El-Tin Palace to El-Rasafa square.
Second of all you can watch the live transmission of the stands at http://21606.info/
Update :
  • According to eye witnesses there are many officers and plain clothed agents at the Mohamed Naguib station.
  • There are unconfirmed news that there are security sieges surrounding opposition parties like El-Ghad and El-Karama down town Cairo.
  • Protesters began to head to Abdeen Palace.
Update : 2
  • There are not less than 6 anti-riots security vehciles in Al Tahrir square and at the AUC old Campus
  • Already as we are in the middle in the week , it is normal to have traffic jams at this time but according to eye witnesses the security measures are making it hard to the protesters to reach to Abdeen Palace 
Update : 3 
  • unconfirmed news that a group of activists has been arrested from a while ago in front Abdeen Palace .
  • Abdeel Palace square is said to be full of security forces as it the protesters from peaceful activists are going to invade it. 
  • Twitter is messed up by a group of Russian hackers on this very important day :( 
  • On the international day of peace the state security shamefully cracked down two peaceful stands in both Cairo and Alexandria. 
  • The locations of the stands were changed due to Security measures. 
  • Many of opposition figures like Hamdeen Sabhi , Mohamed Abdel Qudos , Ayman Nour , Gamila Ismail and Bothinia Kamel participated in the stand in Cairo. 
  • There were rumors that Gamila Ismail was arrested but this was untrue. 
  • There were the usual beatings and arrests from the security side and there were the usual Mubarak chants from the protesters' side. "I read a tweet that Mubarak posters were burned by protesters"
  • I am not sure from the number but when the stand in Cairo started , there were not less 100 participants in it " click on read more where there are new updates in video and picture"

  • Activists were arrested as usual , you can find the latest updated list from detainees in both Cairo and Alexandria here.
  • Activist Amr Guevara was  injured and currently is at Mounira public hospital currently and the hospital is reportedly refusing to write down an official report with his injury
  • According to eye witnesses a group of protesters have headed to the Journalists syndication. "here is photo by lioromio

  • Here are couple of photos were taken earlier in the protest in Cairo , it shows how it was. 



      1. All on international peace day...
        I hope mubarak burns in hell

      2. they burned both mubarak and gamal photos .. i think its the first time gamal's picture get burned there's a photo on twitter .. but were all protestors freed or what ?? .. i'm proud of those guys :))))))

      3. Great post. We need more of these "facts on the ground" accounts so that the west understands the nature of Mubarak and the regime.

        check out bamabacho.blogspot.com. I think we can benefit from linking up.

        all best . . .

      4. Gameela wasn't arrested, but she and I were held by State Security for 3.5 hours in the street just outside Abdeen Square. They were pretty intent on keeping her from getting to the protest - two women apparently needed over 50 State Security babysitters!


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