Friday, September 3, 2010

More Than A Presidential Pardon

Saudi activists are having this campaign “Obama free Homaidan” which has attracted many prominent figures in the Saudi society including religious personalities from both Sunni and Shiite sect “yes Shiite sect” and media personalities.

Homaidan is not imprisoned in the States for terrorism charges but rather for sexual harassments charges which are not less dangerous if you ask me considered the fact that he was convicted of sexually harassing and torturing his Indonesian housekeeper.  It is not less dangerous thanks to the black record of Asian maids abuse in the Gulf in general and the negative perceptions about Muslim Arabs and Saudis in the States. 

Al Arabiya has published a report about his case which includes a comment representing the other view that condemns Homaidan.

There is one issue here I believe the campaigners should understand fully , this not our countries where the ruler pardons any convicted , there is a real judiciary system in the States regardless of how we view it , because even if Homaidan is freed by Obama , he will still be convicted in the eyes of the public outside Saudi Arabia. The campaigners should hire good and famous attorney there to appeal again and again if they do believe in his innocence , Obama is not King Abdullah I am afraid with my all due respect to what they are doing.

The case is very sensitive and all I can say that if he is truly innocent , his innocence will appear insh Allah even without this campaign but if he is not innocent then he deserved this punishment.

The housekeepers abuse file in the Gulf and also in Egypt is so black to a level you can’t believe it despite the various attempts to change this non-Islamic / Non human behavior and it is not about the fear of law more about the fear of God , the fact that some do not consider their servants or those who are lower than them in the social class humans in the first place is the core problem. There is no doubt that many of the maids abusers themselves were abused in a way or another in their childhood or in any part of their life and thus they are reflecting their inner hate and revenge on the first vulnerable creature in front of them whether sexually or physically. This paragraph is not related to Homaidan by the way , I am speaking in general.

Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” said that the servant is the family’s master and the family’s master is their servant.

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  1. UN urges proper treatment of migrants after reported deaths in Saudi Arabia

    31 August 2010 – The reported deaths of five Ethiopian migrants in a deportation facility in Saudi Arabia has refocused attention on the way asylum-seekers are treated, with the United Nations refugees agency recalling its appeal last month for the kingdom’s authorities to stop sending people back strife-torn to Somalia.
    “These two cases were not necessarily linked, but certainly, the five deaths in detention were deplorable,” Adrian Edwards, spokesperson of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) told reporters in Geneva.

    Asked if an investigation will be carried out with regard to the alleged deaths of the five Ethiopians earlier this week, Mr. Edwards said he believed that the “competent authorities” were looking into the matter.

    He said UNHCR had no access to any detention or deportation facilities in Saudi Arabia, adding that the agency was exploring the possibility of being allowed to screen the people in those centres to ensure that those being deported were not in the category of people in need of international protection.

    In its statement on 30 July, UNHCR said that in June alone, more than 1,000 Somalis were deported from Saudi Arabia, according to reports from Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital. A similar number of Somalis were returned to their country in July.

    Monitoring reports indicated that most deportees said they fled Somalia due to conflict, indiscriminate violence and human rights abuses, with most coming from southern and central Somalia, which includes Mogadishu.

    UNCHR considers such deportations to be incompatible with agency’s guidelines on international protection needs of Somali refugees and asylum-seekers. A majority of those being sent back from Saudi Arabia are women.

    In its July statement, UNHCR said that many of the people who had been sent back to Somalia from Saudi Arabia had probably come through Yemen, where most of them were immediately recognized as refugees.


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