Thursday, September 2, 2010

Posters War in Egypt

At first Egyptian Activists tried to put ElBaradei and NFC posters in different cities and all what they got was being arrested and humiliated by police forces then we found Gamal Mubarak support group coming from no where spreading his posters all over the country in the poor populated areas
Gamal In poor areas
then we got the anti-Gamal Mubarak posters made by Al Ghad party with its catchy slogan "Egypt is greater than your"
Nour Vs. Gamal
then we find lately General Omar Soliman got his own Posters too in Cairo !!Yes Omar Soliman !!
Hello General , welcome to the posters war !!

Suddenly with no introductions we find posters calling for Omar Soliman as the next President of Egypt !!
We do not know actually who behind it except they were put over Gamal Mubarak’s posters in popular areas in Imbaba and Maadi , in fact some of Gamal’s posters were torn !!
Over Gamal's posters
Even the people in the streets are amazed , I am amazed and I do not have a slightest clue who would be behind it !!? Is it a new trick from the NDP and Gamal Mubarak !!?? Well Gamal will be an idiot because many Egyptians will say yes to Soliman and no to him  ; is it a trick from opposition powers to create a gap or rather a fight within the regime based on divide conquer strategy !!?? Well our opposition groups and powers are not that smart with my all due to respect ; Are they bunch of GIS officers trying to amuse themselves in Ramadan in some twisted political way or even to get rid from their boss by creating a fight between him and his boss’ son !!?? ; Are they bunch of army officers above who decided that they should engage in their posters war !!??
This can’t be ignored because this is the first time publicly Soliman’s name brought up like that.
More interestingly Al Masry Al Youm was the first one to report the incident thanks to their photojournalist who found these posters earlier today , the newspaper published it exclusively on their website and according to some sources it was going to be published in the printed edition tomorrow but after few hours the news was removed from Al Masry’s website which means that most probably it will not make it to the printed version. If that photojournalist did not sell his photos to the AP and they have not hit the wire , we would not know about the story !!??
Wondering !?
Omar Soliman is from the top presidential candidates for sure considering that his experience and his military background despite personally it is well known that he is from Mubarak’s most trusted friends and will not stand against his son otherwise how he kept his position all this time.
If we speak seriously Soliman may not be the suitable for the following reasons : He is old and is suffering from some heart condition that we only know from foreign sources like Robert Fisk. I will not discuss the ugly fact that he is a member in Mubarak’s regime with what these last two words mean.
Both Gamal and Soliman were in Washington with Mubarak and despite Gamal did not make a public appearance there , Soliman was in the front seat due to his role in the Palestinian Israeli talks.
Updated : 
  • Despite the news made its way to the world as I have seen it in the BBC ,there are restricted orders to all Egyptian newspapers to avoid any reference to these posters. 
  • It seems that these restrict orders did not reach Masrawy that published new photos of these posters at Imbaba.


  1. :D We have to give credit, they do keep us entertained. Funny how Jimmy and Omar Seliman posters look similar, same source?

  2. I've just listened to your interview with iman abdel rahman at kolona laila blog and i loved it it's really brilliant i loved the way you speak and how you seem very confident of your self and that's really influential to me .. i'm 15 by the way and i was thinking about starting a blog but dont really feel that i have the courage nor the knowledge to start one but you could be a very good motivation to me as a really good example :))


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