Monday, September 6, 2010

The Ramadan of Crises , The Ramadan Of Anger

I do not think that we had Ramadan like the one we are having before considering the crises we have : 

If these crises can’t down a government , I do not know what will !!

You must know that there are certain areas in Cairo and Giza that suffer from constant blackouts and water cuts for years on a daily basis and they do not complain anymore because they got tired , only now people began to open their mouths when the blackout and water cuts reached to higher classes areas like New Cairo and 6th of October not to mention it is Ramadan in August !!


  1. What do you expect if Cairo's infrastructure was designed to accommodate 2 million and not 8.5 million.
    Forty five years ago, the government should have provided tax incentives and subsidies to business stating up in cities other than Cairo.
    Planning, planning, planning or should I say lack of.

  2. Let us not forget our pollution crisis!


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