Friday, October 15, 2010

1973 Special : A Military Expression Art

Despite I know General Saad El-Shazly is totally ignored by the official media due to his opinions about the war and president Sadat but I did not know that his picture is not included in a mural that includes all the war commanders at the October Panorama museum despite he was our chief of staff in the Egyptian army during that war !!
Yousri Fouda shocked us with that piece of expression art in his column in Al Masry Al Youm , it is sad and strangely nobody cared to ask the administration of the museum about this huge historical mistake. I only went once to the Panorama once in a school trip so I can’t remember if I had seen his picture or not ,also there are lots of photos and paintings and murals there , of course I remember that there was mural with his face there where Mubarak’s face was as big as the minister of war then field marshal Ahmed Ismail in another expression art fiasco !!

As big as field marshal Ismail !! 
I understand that the expression art Al Ahram edition is an old in this country as the temples of Ramses II , every pharaoh comes and edits the history to appear the greatest but hypocrisy should not reach to this disgusting level.
1973 Men
October men
I do not agree with all El-Shazly’s views but as an Egyptian I owe a lot to him , God bless him and I just pray to God that we pay this man the respect he deserves before it is too late.
I wish that Fouda interviews El-Shazly , it will be great to see in a channel other than Al Jazeera but I know that this interview is capable of closing not only ON TV “already received a warning” but also OTV on the same day.
The last time my late granddad met El-Shazly from couple of years ago , he told him that he understood why the media and the officials ignore him like , it is not about this opinions regarding Camp David or Sadat or even the October war which many share and publicly express freely like for instance Mustafa Bakery ; it is about the fact that he was higher in rank than Mubarak during the war.
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  1. Did you read El-Shazly's book?

    "مذكرات حرب أكتوبر"

  2. No I have not yet , but it is my to read list. I know his views though about what happened during the war

  3. I read that book. I disagree with his political views about Israel, but I think he is an excellent military commander. He disagreed a lot with Sadat and Ahmed Ismail during the war. I think his military opinions (which they did not listen to) were correct and would have prevented Israel's successful counter attack.

  4. I read his book: it is an objective description of the events. He is not only an excellent military commander, he is also by far one of the best egyptian soldiers in modern history and a genious tactician. Unfortunately, in our country, great people were denied the right to be presented and remembered as heroes. Didnt Pharaoh Thutmose III remove Hatshepsut from historical records?

  5. On the other hand, have you noticed that Mubarak does not appear in the picture titled 'October Men' above? He was NOT there on October 6th. Simply because the leaders of the main divisions of the army should not be in the Operations Room. But they made a fake painting in which Mubarak stood next to the Supreme Leader himself, and many of us took it as real.

  6. And, concerning the mural, Mubarak appears brighter than the rest of the leaders in the mural. Was he added to it later; i.e., after he became president?

  7. This is an insult that I personally find unbearable.
    No matter who the &%$# Mubarak is (or was at this point) - he should respect history at any given moment in time and not fake any of them.

    Fascist narcissism at it's best!


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