Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Choose Another Day Gamal !!

And in a pathetic attempt to show his respect to both President Anwar Al Sadat and the army , Gamal Mubarak speaks to a kid wearing a uniform like that doomed uniform Sadat wore on that day in 1981 during the Sadat’s memorial.
Oh God !! (Reuters)
I bet that Gamal does not hate that day in 1981 , after all it was the day when the Mubarak era started “or to be correct after 40 days”
I do not want to see that man on that day but what you know , he loves to show his face to send us a message that he is here and he will not leave whether we like it or not !!
Do not spoil that day for us in a pathetic public appearance Gamal , Choose another day !!??
P.S why we did not see him at the Nasser’s memorial like his brother !!?
May Allah bless the soul of Sadat and all those who died on that day for the sake of Egypt.


  1. Seeking major attention and trying to fill extraordinary character's shoes. He just had to another path and directions with his life path away from the heroes and real decision makers.

  2. how can i search photos on reuters or getty images or AFP ... ANY HELP PLEASE ??

  3. @anonymous#1, unfortunately he does not want to understand this.

    @anonymous#2 in daylife and in getty images


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