Saturday, October 16, 2010

Farfahinne Is Detained in Lebanon

Farfahinne aka Farah of Lebanon is a famous Lebanese blogger and activist who dedicated her blog and time to the refugees and human rights issue in Lebanon. "Update : She has been released , scroll below"
Farfahinne has been detained up till now in Lebanon since the morning at the Nahr El-Bared refugee camp in North Lebanon by the Lebanese military intelligence. According to some official sources she had a verbal fight with the officers at the refugee camp over the entrance clearance.
According to human rights activist Gamal Eid she was arrested because they did not like her attitude and that there will be no charges against her. Hopefully she will be released soon.
The last thing Farah was following was the strike of the Sudanese community activists in Lebanon.
Insh Allah Farah will hopefully be released soon.
Update#1 : 
We received news that Farah will be transferred to Sakr military trial to meet the government commissioner because she was accused of anti-army propaganda  !!
The left assembly for Change has issued this statement regarding Farah's arrest
Farah has been released :)


  1. This is why Americans like their first amendment.

  2. @Jason: is that why helen, Octavia Nasser and wts the name of that guy from CNN, lost their jobs?!! Plz, lets not live in the lie of govs respecting the opinions of others. Sure, in the US and EU there is more respect which I credit mainly to the fear of breaking laws and fear from public reaction BUT fact remains some opinions arent welcomed and those making them end up loosing their source of income bec they chose to view and say things differently.

  3. @Anonymous: the 1st Amendment is about the government not restricting speech. If a private company wants to fire someone for what he or she says, that is the company's right. And Ms. Nasser et al. can go start their own media companies if they want to say what they want with no limits.


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