Monday, October 4, 2010

Follow Up : Balal Fadl Speaks Up

Balal Fadl spoke today about Dr. Salim Al Awa and Al Masry Al Youm,he explained the reasons behind the decision of Al Masry Al Youm not to publish the 2nd part of Dr. Al Awa’s op-ed.

He also assured the decision has nothing to do with Naguib Sawiris who is already busy in the Djezzy saga in Algeria.

It was better for Al Masry Al Youm to say that it refused the second part of the Op-ed and decided to close this topic because Dr. Al Awa discussed issues concerning the Pope and the difference between the Holy Quran and the Holy Bible which can increase the tensions than to claim that the op-ed was larger than the agreed space.

Unfortunately this testimony which I believe from Balal Fadl was too late because now the radicals are using that decision from the side of Al Masry Al Youm to widen the gap and increase this fire .

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