Sunday, October 3, 2010

Follow Up : A Day For Tal in Cairo And The Cyber World

Yesterday was Tal’s day in Cairo , the freedom committee held a stand in front of the syndication of journalists in Cairo in solidarity with Tal. The event was organized and head by Egyptian journalist and political activist Mohamed Abdel Qudos whose anti-Mubarak and anti-Zionist views and activities are well known to everybody and so it will be ridiculous from any Syrian regime media to accuse him or the participants of implementing some sort of Western agenda to blackmail Syria !!  

Here is the protest featured at Ikhwan online , , Shorouk online
Meanwhile in the cyber world Arab tweeps held a special virtual protest event for her trying to make the world interested in her case.

BY the way according to website the Syrian state security may have been pushing and forcing Tal’s father to approve the dirty charge the regime there is trying to stain Tal with. Of course her family is being blackmailed by that regime and of course they will accept any terms for the sake of their child.

Also I found out that there is a suspicion in Syria that the Syrian Observatory human rights website could be following the regime and it is not that independent so we should be careful while reading it.

BBC Arabic also is holding a discussion about Tal.

Check the latest news about Tal online through this blog.

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