Sunday, October 3, 2010

Follow Up : Femme Fatale Called Tal !!

The Syrian regime is continuing its lies about Tal and this time it is through All 4 Syria news portal especially with the increasing support the girl is getting through the Arab world from activists and bloggers. This time there are more leaked info and I do not know what kind of idiots they appoint in the Syrian intelligence and State security because according to All 4 Syria :
  • Tal , 19 years old Tal used to work and spy for the American embassy in Cairo
  • A Syrian officer survived an assassination attempt in Cairo because of that 19 years old girl !!!
  • Tal was recruited by a woman working in the American embassy in Cairo , Tal’s mission was to spy on the Syrian embassy in Cairo and to know officers in the security service !!!!!!
So Tal was in Cairo last year , fine but how could a 19 years old girl spy on her own country embassy in Cairo !!??

How could a 19 girl in Syria , a conservative girl too get to know officers in Syrian security agency !!?? 
So Tal went to the American embassy in Cairo , knew officers in her country’s embassy and endangered the life of an intelligence officer in Cairo and her parents knew all that from couple of days ago only !?? Did not Tal live under the same roof with her parents !!?
I am big fan of Nabil Farouk and the first big Arabic novel I read in my life was Samia Fahmi by Saleh Morsi so this story does not convince me because … we got a proverb in Egypt that says “ if a crazy man speaks , the listener is a sane man !!” 
I know that the Syrian regime is playing on the anti-American and anti-Egyptian sentiments , the so-called resistance axis …etc. Honestly I do not know if that crazy theory was born as a result of our protests in Cairo as our opposition and human rights organizations are accused of being agents to the west … etc or what but following the Syrian reactions online I believe that the Syrians do not believe this story. too
It was better for the Syrian regime to admit that she was arrested because of her blog than this crazy story.
By the way many Syrians on the Facebook have changed their avatar to the one posted above.
Update : 

  • From the Syrian comments online , you will conclude that most people do not buy this story. 
  • Syria News website was the first to publish this so-called leaked news !!
  • According to what I understand this news will create a diplomatic crisis between Syria and the United States , it can also create a diplomatic crisis between Egypt and Syria because according to the idiot who wrote that there are several security officers working in the Syrian embassy in Egypt where as there should be one and the host country knows so these "officers" are pretending to be diplomats !! 

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