Sunday, October 31, 2010

An Interview Made In Heaven : Thomas Friedman Speaks To Rosa Al Youssef

Rosa Al Youssef Daily published an interview with Thomas Friedman and it was an interview made in heaven where Friedman praised Gamal Mubarak and that was enough for the newspaper to disregard all his neocon views about the war on terrorism , the occupation in Iraq ..etc.

I believe the coming presidential elections in Egypt will be more freely and if Gamal Mubarak runs for the elections and wins in free democratic elections , it will be great because Gamal Mubarak is progressive compared to the other presidents’ sons !!

It is interesting that he mentioned Gamal Mubarak in one answer only and yet that answer made the highlighted headlines of the interview. I do not know why I remember his 2008’s letter from Cairo now.

Friedman also slammed the the Islamists experience in Turkey despite it has proved its success so far , for him it has not proven its success yet . We all know that it will be a powerful successful experience if the AKP throws itself in to the arms of Israel.

Another Neocon answer that made stop to think when he was asked if he fears that the Arabs would use the oil boycott again against the States and this is why he calls for using alternative energy sources. Friedman answered with all confidence that if the Arabs use the oil boycott weapon again , they will be its first victims because the Arab regimes will use it against its own people !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is that Mr. Friedman ?? Well from what I understand Friedman believes that if there is no oil export to the States or the West the Arab regime will be able to depend on the taxes to spend on both the people and the regimes as well and this will not bring progress !!  I did not get his answer , I think there was typo or translation mistake.


  1. هو يقصد ان الأنظمة العربية تستخدم أموال النفط في البقاء في الحكم وتستغنى عن شعوبها وتظل في الحكم اعتماداً على أموال النفط وفقط .. لا تطور تعليم ولا صحة ولا اقتصاد ولا غيره وممكن حتى متاخدش ضرايب من الناس .. أموال النفط كافية لتكريس حكم الأنظمة العربية في رأيه

  2. وممكن يتقال انه بيقول ضمناً ان الأنظمة العربية لو استخدمت سلاح النفط فمش هتستخدمه ضد أمريكا (لأنهم بيعتبروا عروشهم وحياتهم في ايديها) وان استخدامه لو استخدم هيبقى ضد المواطن العربي مش ضد أمريكا

    يعني الأنظمة في جيبنا وسلاح النفط ميخوفناش احنا يخوفكوا انتوا

  3. read carefully


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