Friday, October 29, 2010

Mohamed Alaa Mubarak Foundation

Mohamed Alaa Mubarak foundation announces its big contest for Quran recitation
A scan 
Without any introductions we found this strange ad in Al Ahram weekly issue first page today.
Mohamed Alaa Mubarak Foundation announces its Quran recitation contest under the supervision of the Al Awkaf ministry.
Did not the presidency express its refusal for the use of late Mohamed Mubarak JR name !!??
By the way this ad is very expensive , considering the facts that it is in the Al Ahram’s first page , colored and on Friday aka the weekly issue which most people buy because of its ads and classifieds.


  1. "Did not the presidency express its refusal for the use of late Mohamed Mubarak JR name !!??"

    Unbelievable! Mubarak has made a promise and didn't live up to it..this is unprecedented. I am as shocked as you are!!
    بقولها من دلوقتى مش حجدد"

  2. I am shocked to see how black hearted you are even with the memory of a young child just because he has the tag name Mubarak you are really sick

  3. Maybe his parents did this they are allowed to use their sons name or you have other ideas !!

  4. Don't mix between Alaa Mubarak and his fathers regime it is very obvious that he far from that and it is only normal for him to make a charity foundation for his son it is also known that he and his wife are very religious my heart goes out for them in there great loss rabina yisabarhom wi ma ywarehash li had.

  5. Let me correct you the presidency issued this as a request from Alaa and his wife after they found that some people wanted to miss use the name in order to benifit from it for their own interest and propaganda ,like the garden they wanted to make in his name ,the school if you remember once in Amr Adeebs program he mentioned that he received phone call from Alaa saying that he and his wife were very devastated after seeing the newspaper with pictures of boxes going to Gaza had the name of their son on it they didn't accept that .why is it that you mix your cards together the Mubarak regime is one thing and this is something else check your facts

  6. You don't get the point do you? It's not about if they are entitled to start a charity in his name or not..this is about Mubarak and his son Alaa having said very clearly they will not use the late child's name in charitable causes and obviously they didn't keep their word and if they really care about charity and philanthropism, how about donating a teeny weeny bit of their 10+ billion u.s dollars to humanitarian causes but of course that will never happen since we all know where that money came from.

    Before labelling me as black hearted and other rubbish and crying over the spoilt brat, maybe you should know that reckless kid died when he rolled his beach buggy ona pavement causing him multiple skull fractures and injuring a 50 year old cleaner in the process breaking both his arms but hey, this is Mubarak's privileged kid, no one cries over the disabled poor man or the hundreds of children of Gaza who died and got maimed due to Mubarak's seige. No one mourns the poor Egyptian children who die from malnourishment and lack of proper medical attention.. FUCK THOSE KIDS, after all thery aren't related to the royal fam of Egypt.

  7. Don't mix? very obvious he far from that?

    Yes of course, you're right.. his over 200 mil net worth is just a poof of that, his business ventures have nothing to do with his father pulling a few strings. I'm pretty sure if his father wasn't the President or even if he was ibn am shabaan el bawab, he'd still be able to make all those billions because of his genius business-opportunist mind. What freaking planet are you living on?

  8. you aparently dont read the news the poor boy died of a brain annorisem what is this story you are making up you completly lost your creadability you are ignorent ruthless and blackhearted


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