Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Saga of Expression Art Goes On : The 39th Anniversary of The war !!

Radio Horytana has spotted another artistic pieces in the official press that are not less expressive than their sister photo in Al Ahram , of course they may not get a world fame like it but what you know  , may be they will .

Al Akhbar published yesterday special supplement “ The saga of victory and development” and in that supplement we found that we are celebrating the 39th anniversary of October war !!

That was in page 2 “39 years of liberation , the military production is a symbol for national sovereignty and cornerstone for national security”

Well it could be a mistake and everyone can do it but this  is true if we do not find in page 11 what is worse than above “ 39 years of liberation , 39 years of tourism ; 800% increase in the number of tourists since 1982 !!”

I do not know if this is expression art or carelessness from Egypt’s second biggest newspaper but the war did not take place in 1982 nor it were from 39 years !! This is a tragedy , ignorance combined with hypocrisy added to them neglect in its finest expressive images.  I do not know if we are celebrating the war or Mubarak’s presidency !!

It kills me that this is Al Akhbar , the Al Akhbar of Mustafa and Ali Amin who got their own school in headlines , yes Mustafa Amin was famous with his catchy perfect headlines but look to the expressive art school of the official press today !!

Photo source : Horytana Radio

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