Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You Sold Yourself To The Devil , DO not Blame Anyone Except Yourself

Because some did not believe the claims that the Egyptian regime is behind the Salafi channels and the Salafi trend in the country , the suspension of the Salafi channels revealed very interesting facts.
Sheikh Safwat Hegazi revealed in a press conference at the syndication of journalists in Cairo that the regime asked from the Salafi trend to attack the Shiite from 5 years ago !! The man is even amazed why now the regime wants them to stop their attack on the Shiite accusing at the same time the regime of trying to get close to Iran to tease the States as the later wants to monitor the elections.
Back in time from 5 years or to be accurate 4 years ago Hezbollah won over Israel in the Lebanon 2006 July war and it had this tremendous support in the Egyptian streets. I remember how the posters of Hassan Nasrallah were everywhere and people gathered to listen his speeches.
The jewel of Hegazi’s statement is not his revelation that the regime ordered the Salafi channels to attack the Shiites day and night , the jewel is in his ultimatum to the regime :
With one phone call you can tell us what to say and what not to say , we are now in your lap , do not force us to go to other lap !!
I do not know under what this statement could be classified, may be political lap dancing category perhaps !!
The government has put 4 conditions for the religious Salafi channels to return back on air :
  1. Do not speak in politics , do not tackle Christian or Shiite related issues.
  2. The religious shows should represent only 20% of the shows “do not ask me and they are supposedly religious channels”.
  3. Beard men are not allowed to present TV shows .
  4. The TV hosts should have an experience in media or have a certificate to work in the media “ first time to know that there is a certificate you must have when it comes to TV hosting in Egypt !!”
Impossible conditions if I may say still some religious channels have returned back on air , already I do not know if they abided by the new rules or not.
The Salafi channels or trend made a deal with the devil and it had to know that this is what was going when you make a deal with the devil.
Still Believe it or not , I think the decision of suspending these channels is unfair despite what I think of these channels , if you believe in freedom of expression , then you must respect the others’ opinions. Of course the Salafi trend does not respect others’ opinions but this is their issue.


  1. regarding #4, what they mean is a permit. This specific permit to work "on air" as anchors or programme presenters is issued by the Ministry of Information for those seeking work in National TV(ERTU). It was not required for those working in private networks.

    Mandating it for those working on other stations means the governement is seeking more control over private channels not only through dictating content but the presenters must also be scrutinised for their political views and affiliations just like on ERTU channels.

    In essence, they want to have full control over private TV stations essentially making them governement megaphones and no different than national TV. Private channels basically becoming private in name as in revenues but not politically independant. Religion channels are the scapegoats to warn other networks, especially politically inclined ones with popular talkshows.

  2. its not the same but kinda like in the 80s when the US and some arabic countries encouraged same people to go and fight the soviets in afghanistan and where called freedome fighters even by Regan , and now when they are useless or disobeying them they used them as an excuse to start war .

    im not a fan of people call themselfs salafyen or whatever , just be a normal muslims ,

    still the government conditions are hilarious , i didnt belive it first time hear about it.


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