Thursday, November 4, 2010

Egypt’s Rank In The Human Development Index

The UN has published its Human development index for 2010 and Egypt ranks the 101 in the index.

Here is Egypt’s profile

I can’t say anything except if we fight corruption and dictatorship we can be in better rank. The first thing you notice in the index that the first 20 countries are democratic countries. I do not want any to speak about our growing populations because Japan’s population and limited sources compared to Egypt did not stop it of being the JAPAN we all know , I am from the school that believes our population is the biggest source we have got. “FYI we increased rapidly in the time of Mubarak more compared to other presidents !!!!”

Now to neighbor countries :

Under the very high development countries :

Under the high development countries :

Medium human development countries :

Low human development countries :

No all the Arab countries are in the index : Oman , Lebanon, Iraq and Somalia.

There are 8 Arab countries in the very high and high development countries categories out of the 22 member states in the Arab league.


  1. Don't you think that countries that come on top are simply rich. It might not have anything to do with democracy, at least real democracy, but has all to do with wealth. One thing to prove this is that some Arab countries got high ranks while we all know very well that they are far from being democratic.

    Of course I am not against democracy, but I am against taking this kind of reports at face value. Most of the time they advocate some image while a close look at them reveals a completely different one.

  2. طب ما احنا حلوين اهو، مش متقدمين على جزر القمر؟ انت مفترية ليه؟

  3. Population is not a good assent to have as a country with so many water issues, and in the era of increasing energy shortages, the same applies. Population growth is only sustainable with high human development under certain conditions.

    That said, Egypt would do well to concentrate on its education system and, yes, political corruption. As long as we're mentioning Japan, a strong education system really is the bedrock of high human development.

  4. @Nawara

    Actually if you go back to the report itself you will be thrilled to see that we are ahead of Pakistan and India. In average we are above the regional rate!!

    There is indeed something wrong, either with us or with the UN :-P

  5. "I am from the school that believes our population is the biggest source we have got."
    With a decent education system that might be true, like anonymous said. At the moment our population is a burden on the overcrowded education system, infrastructure, health care and subsidies for food and energy. But these problems were only allowed to happen because of bad governance and short sight.


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