Monday, November 1, 2010

The Expressive Photos of The Day

I could not keep myself from posting these photos below , they are expressive naturally.
The first one is from Youm 7 coverage from Siyad El-Badawy’s big day yesterday when a group of the fake Dostor journalists went to him a flower bouquet thanking him for the trouble he faced “not the trouble he made”

What is this expressive pose !!?? The little excited girl who has just seen Justin Beiber in person pose !!?
The second one is from today’s issue of Al Shorouk newspaper , the old guard and the neo-guard of the NDP , the most dangerous men in Egypt.

I did not know that they are planning but whenever they win , we will lose for sure.


  1. Lol :-) My first impression when I saw Sayyed elbadawy's pict was like "yatti kamila enty maksoufa ya otta :-))"

  2. My first imp. cann't catch my tears
    2nd imp. Catch thevies

  3. i cant talk enought about the second pic.

    those 2 men are .... im speechless ,

    first one was the real mind behind mubarak sr.

    second one is the mind behinde mubarak jr.

    Badawy , i dont respect him enough to comment ,
    as Eissa said , Ahmad Ezz is much respectful than Badawy .


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