Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ibrahim Eissa In An Interview With CJR : The Intelligence Of Obama Is Overrated

Ibrahim Eissa has a very interesting interview in the Columbia Journalism Review “CJR” which you should read and spread too : Gag time in Cairo.

I like what he had said about Obama that his intelligence is overrated. Seriously read this interview and also if you know Arabic I recommend that you read his daily column in Original Dostor website. I become more keen to read everyday more than I used to do in the printed version.

By the way according to some sources close enough to the fake Dostor journalists that its CEO Reda Edward told them that the “fake” printed Dostor would continue to be an opposition newspaper but they were not allowed to criticize the president or his son or the minister of interior !!!!

Up till now Edward has failed in finding a chief in editor for the newspaper , no one wants to accept the position.

The Journalists of Original Dostor are continuing in their strike even during the Eid. They also promise that they will reveal documents that Sayid El-Badawy still owns stakes in Al Dostor newspaper unlike what he claims.

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