Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Look who Is Back Online .. And Offline Too

Ok today was a busy day for the online media :

  1. Original Dostor newspaper is back online again , it is no longer covering the Dostor crisis but rather Egypt’s and World’s news coverage.
  2. Ibrahim Eissa is going to write back in Al Dostor in his daily column next Wednesday insh Allah.
  3. Al Badil newspaper is back online as online newspaper , the successful leftist newspaper had to be closed last year due to financial problem. It is back online and it is promising as far as I could tell with its interesting reports.
  4. According to two sources “ Manshette show and  Sayed Torky” Ibrahim Eissa is going to be the next editor in chief of Nasserist Karama newspaper following the Karama party and that Hamdi Kandeel will be the newspaper CEO , there is no more solid confirmation I am afraid. Already I think Eissa is not in Egypt currently so we can’t be sure. Despite being Nasserite newspaper , this will be a powerful return to Eissa.

There is still hope and the return of the Dostor and Badil online shows  you that the future is for the e-journalism and social media in Egypt.


  1. Sorry for disturbance, but you mean eissa and real dostor journalists will be in Nassertie or eissa alone

  2. The editor in chief of the Karama Newspaper has resigned today protesting as the board of the paper chose Eissa for the same position!

    Bty, I don't think Al Badeel will last longer than it did, in fact I'm afraid it won't last for the few upcoming months, with their freedom now, they're challenging the regime's plan to suppress all the independent opposing news sites and newspapers.. though I'm thrilled they're back after all!


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