Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pack Your Bags And Head To Bangladesh Then !!

The government does not want to abide with the administrative court rule to raise the minimum limit of salaries to LE 1200 , the government believes that LE 400 is more then enough as minimum limit of salaries in the country.

The prime minister claims that he can’t raise the minimum limit of salaries without an increase in production otherwise there will be no more job opportunities.

I just want to ask the PM about how the Egyptian citizen will be able to live with LE 400 for God sake !!

I think in business administration we learned that if the worker/employee does not receive an adequate salary that meets his basic needs in life , he will be productive as he should. We are speaking here about basic needs like food for instance , like electricity bill for instance !!

Anyhow if you think that Nazif’s statement is provocative , then wait because believe or not he got a competition in provocative statement this week thanks to what the minister of economic development and “ironically” the head of the national councils of wages Othman Mohamed Othman said on air last Saturday :

We will bring workers from Bangladesh because they are cheaper and they will accept with less than LE 400 as a salary !!

Already this statement with what carries from rudeness and arrogance is insulting to the Bangladeshis. The statement is met with anger online and offline too but no one in this cabinet really cares about what the people think or want as usual.

I wonder if that minister or his PM can live with LE 400 per month , in fact I hope that they try living for one month with LE 400 or even LE 600 and tell  us how they manage to live with that salary in Egypt now for one month.

The Nazif cabinet has nothing to do except to blame the people and so I advise them to pack their bags and to head to Bangladesh !!

By the way according to some news the file of minimum limit of wages is currently at the Presidency office studied by the President so I assume as part of the NDP elections campaign we may find a presidential decree to increase the minimum limit of salaries in Egypt between LE 400 to LE 1000.


  1. It's like they will pay us all those 400 L.E from their own budget! How ironic it is to consider the 400 pounds sufficient to a family, when their personal guard only takes the triple triple of the same amount!

  2. I have an idea, why dnt we strip those ministers who forgot that they are there to serve us not to act all high and mighty, of their guards, expensive cars bought with our own money, cut their travel expenses may be that will get them to stop travelling the World left and right and spend sometime in the country and have them pay back the money they spent on their health and their families operations, cut the expenses of protecting Mama Shozan and her son and all the crap that goes on when one of them decides to go somewhere in the Country, and of course the free plane rides. im sure that would leave us with a hefty amount of money to cover the wages increase.

  3. 400 pounds? There are physicians that make around 150 pounds in government hospitals to this very day. That's almost 8 years of education, not including post graduates, hours and hours of work, with day shifts and night shifts, all worth 150 pounds a month - and people are asking why our healthcare system sucks.

  4. i dont know how this guy still in his job after this stupid comments , o well its not the first egyptian minister to say stupid thing and get away with it .

  5. Labor salary laws depend on supply and demand. Egypt has an abundance of human resources and weak demand, so salaries are lower compared to countries with higher GDP.
    The Canadian.


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