Sunday, December 26, 2010

Alaa Al Aswany Writes For BBC About The elections , Fouda Fires Back At Ezz And Reuters Speaks About Our dimming Power

Alaa Al Awsany writes fro BBC about Egypt after the elections and our country’s future. As he said in “Last word” there are two Egypts and that despite how grim our present is ,he also attacked Ahmed Ezz by name in the BBC website.

Moving to our local press Yousri Fouda fires back at Ahmed Ezz and what the later wrote for two successive days in Al Ahram news.

Real Egypt fires back at Ahmed Ezz” is a must read because Fouda speaks the same language Ezz loves to speak with : The language of numbers.

  • Egypt ranked no.57 in the world misery index from 60 countries “Bloomberg”

So what is the misery index  ?? Well the index created by Arthur Okun, is the result of the sum of the unemployment and inflation rates for each country which, according to the late economist, showed if a country developed disastrous or successful economic policies.

  • 45% of the Egyptians live with less than $2 per day according the agricultural production committee in the Shura council that follows the state
  • 12 million Egyptians do not live in a proper residence , in fact million and half million Egyptian that live in cemeteries “CAPMAS

and these are just the tip of the iceberg , the column is full of numbers that can down any government in any respectable country.

And last I would like you to read Reuters special report about why Egypt’s power has dimmed by Alistar Lyon. This report made the the regime media so angry despite we as citizens know what is in it and consider as a matter of fact. Anyhow I think that Egypt’s power , real power did not start to dim in the Sadat era but rather began to dim in time of Mubarak. Mubarak has been ruling more than Sadat and Nasser combined together.


  1. Very good blog, I leave mine

    We read, greetings.

  2. One of the statistics posted in the article made me doubt their credibility. Egypt definitely does not have the highest rate of childbirth deaths in the world.

  3. @ Jackie , Than you Jackie

    @Mohamed ,you are right , check my post about the MDG and Egypt


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