Sunday, December 12, 2010

Alexandria Is Drowning And We Are Waiting For The Government To React As Usual !!

Yes the “Kassem Storm” is expected , yes Syria, Lebanon and Israel are sharing these bad weather conditions with us yet none of them is suffering like us currently after all 7 have been reportedly killed and 44 are reportedly injured because of the bad weather conditions up till now.
I had to post new blog post about the bad weather conditions in the country especially in Alexandria due to the new material we started to receive online.  Check the first post here.
Now here are the videos  below after the break, I am trying to identify where these videos were filmed , it will not be easy task for me and so I am asking my dear Alexandrian readers to help me.
Alexandria heavy rain- possibly at Sidi Besher
Alexandria is drowning- Location unknown

Now with my all due respect where are the preparation of the governorate to face that season of storms starting with not so nice Mr. Kassem !!? You know that your city is going to face in to huge fierce storm , should not you be more proactive !!? Why is our infrastructure so weak !!??
Here are more photos from Facebook showing Alex drowning thanks to Kassem.

Breathtaking scene from horror film

  •  There is emergency status in Sinai as it is currently witnessing one of the most worst weather conditions in the last 50 years !! Communications are cut between Cairo and Sinai. 
  • Almost all ports in Egypt are closed 
  • Cruise passengers aboard the Brilliance of the Seas suffer minor injuries during storms off Egypt coast - Royal Caribbean- breaking news
  • There is snow in Alex !! Not hail but rather snow !! "Source" Of course there was hail too. "Source"
Snow in Alex !!


  1. BBC sez 10 dead

    Although I love to blame officials for their shortcomings , I don't think it's fair to blame the Govenor in this particular case. I think the reason we have more fatalites and victims can be attrributed to the terrain since north Egypt is at sealevel with some parts below sea level where as occupied Palestine, Syria etc have high elevations and their coasts have cliffs, a natural obstacle for high tide which blocks those massive tidal waves from reaching inland.. in the Delta nothing stands infront of the waves so it's easily flooded.. Alexandria in particular is more vulnerable than east delta coastal cities due to errosions.. I fear for Alex we know now may one day rest beside the old the bottom of the Mediterranean. Hopefully no strong sea quakes occur in the future..
    point is, man is usually powerless against nature.

  2. tany video sidi bishr w talet video louraaan w rabe3 wa7ed sidi bishr 3ala el atr w 5ames wa7ed ba7aryyyy oh my god akid da mesh tabeee3y rabena yostor

  3. Last pic looks like oysters that have been puking pearls. Doesn't reallylook something that'd fall out of the sky but rather thrown in from the sea.. some sort of roe? Multiple fish miscarriages.. abortion clinic for the fish? :S could be just discoloured hail, perhaps the photographer had to pee and decided to add a personal touch

  4. Most of the fatalities (11 at last count) are traffic-related, I understand. We may blame the government, I suspose, but our driving habits should take a larger share of the blame. The picture of egg-sized hail is awesome, if true! Mostafa

  5. This is not an unusual weather occurrence for Alex as they have seen their share of worse weather disasters in the past.
    In 1948 it snowed heavily in Mersa Matruh.

  6. @Anon before last: even if they were caused by traffic and that is not true btw bec there are ppl who lost their lives in the factory that fell, its the gov to blame you knw why, bec they do not build roads and infrastructure that is capable of sustaining such weather conditions and to add insult to injury they didnt care to have emergency teams ready they just left the ppl to suffer.

  7. I just wanted to add that since labib became in office and Alexandria has been under extensive makeovers from road and pavement total renewal and the infrastructure completely renewed to the bricks being built extensively along the shore of alexandria from east to west... my point is that we should fully blame the governor for his great efforts in waisting money on nothing actually...this isn't the first time Alexandria would face such an extremely bad weather I live by the sea and each year it rains the double in late december and January and the sea is double as high as it was but never the sea-side road accumulated much water which is obviously due to the bad sewage system that wasn't carried out well... How on Earth would he license latino ( Mirage)to be that low while weather forecasts of each winter states that waves reach higher than 3 to 4 meters along the shore of Alex?? This guy isn't good in his job some people blame mahjoub for this catastrophe but sorry Labib had removed all Mahjoub's trails from Alexandria's Infrastructure...
    TYI specific parts flooded excessively in the Corniche (el geish Road); these were the parts that were widened and extended this summer by al moqawloon el-Arab and were totally flooded as well as the new fence that was built it was completely destructed unlike the ancient fence in front of bibalex or bahari...Some parts in Alex didn't have such water ponds and lakes like smouha or Abo Keir Road but faced the threat of falling palm treas that fell on the road and blocked the way because again these palm trees were newly planted before may last year and this year (the government's temporary relocation in Alex)
    God be with us against Corruption they turned our beautiful city to plastic and they expect it to hold on!!

  8. blame the Government for not doing their duty to its citizens. They should prepare for winter every year to avoid disaster like heavy rain or floods and not to wait till last minutes! in European countries they always have plan ready for the coming winter to make sure the people always safe! this problem happens every year, when our Government will learn they have to prepare for the worse and hope for the best!

  9. Arab Contractors co. has a reputation of corruption, embezzlement and rickety constructions.. not surprised when one of their structures falls apart, it's nott the first time but what's weird is with all those crappy shaky projects they still secure most infrastructure bids

  10. im 12 years old and dont really know what your talking about but it sounds really really bad *sorry* and um, well, i came to this website because im doing a project on cleopatra and i thought i needed to know more about alexandria it sounds like this happened a while ago from when i saw the date on the other blogs so so so sorry i hope its all better now i really dont know considering i live in the united states of america in geogia sorry byby


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