Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And After the University Students , The Role is On The School Students !!

Yesterday the media reported that there were clashes between security forces and students that led to the injury of 7 students that were transferred to hospital. The students whom I contacted denied any attack from their side on the security forces, it was the other way around. As usual , as expected the security forces and the undercover agents of the police attacked the students with no mercy. The attack happened at the Lycee D’ Alexandria which is a mixed school , thus boys and girls were attacked physically and verbally. This is the first batch of videos I received from the students who are scared on their lives.
Here are the videos right from students to the world , please spread them.
This is the beginning to the protest / march , students chanting anti minister of education slogans

You can see in the video below the central security forces aka anti riot forces standing in front of the students , according to eye witnesses there were several central security vehicles near the university of Alexandria. One thought that these vehicles were summoned to crack down some protest in Alex Unv. not school students' protest !!

When the students were not let to go to the other schools , they decided to have a sit in in the street.

The next video is after the attack of the security forces on the students , you will see a little kid about 10 years old in a car before being transferred to the Salama hospital with his sports coach.

The little kid could not speak. People said in the video that he was hit on his head and his small arm which he can’t move. Look to his face and his eyes. How can anyone hit a kid in his age !!?

This video shows you when the students rushed in to the school to the clinic , a student was transferred to the clinic and you will find speaking on the phone to his parents most probably saying that the officers had beaten him. “He was going to call them names”
I am not surprised because the same officers and soldiers beat the crap out of university students and professors shamelessly in protests ,do you remember the girls of university of Zagzig  ??
I do not understand , Does Ahmed Zaki Badr want to revive his dad black record in the ministry of interior at the ministry of education or what !!??

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