Sunday, December 26, 2010

And The Big Circus is in Town : NDPC 2010

The NDPC 2010 is on and the biggest gathering for the most depressing clowns is being held in Cairo currently. Fortunately I do not follow it because I do not have the nerve to tolerate the amounts of lies the NDPians are repeating on how great the country has become and how inpatient we are on the fruits of the development. “These fruits have not ripped for 29 years I am afraid and it seems that they will not rip at all !!” 

Mubarak addressed the NDPians who cheered for him as usual and as expected, as usual he told us that we have to wait for the change and fruits of development. He said also that the NDP does not practice partisan monopoly
I feel that he was just repeating what he had said in the parliament again tonight.
Now what is more interesting that Mubarak’s NDPC 10 speech is what Emad El-Din Adeeb said earlier today on TV this morning. Adeeb said on Dream TV 2’s “Dream’s morning” that the safe exist option is diminishing and that there are some forces within the regime that stand against the reforms led by Mubarak. He is terrified from the fight over Mubarak’s succession.
I think Emad El-Din Adeeb is being used currently again to absorb the public anger by the orders of Presidency, he is saying what we want to hear.

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