Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And I spoke To A Hero On The Phone

I did not want to write about the tragedy of Gomaa Al–Shawn aka Ahmed Al-Hawn , I hate to write about the mistreatment of our real heroes nowadays because it kills me from inside especially in these depressing days. I could not even watch his interview in “Manshet” nor to read completely what he had said in Al Shorouk or original Dostor , I even did not read what was written in Al Shorouk abut his struggle to get a treatment in the country. The current regime has succeeded in killing every icon, every symbol and every hero figure we have with its corruption and neglect.
Gomaa Al Shawn demands a pension
Al-Hawn in his youth 
Gomaa Al-Shawn aka Ahmed Al-Hawn is a spy hero , our real double agent who managed in 1970s to deceive the Mossad and get that state of the art transmission device which only the CIA and the Mossad had then. In Spy world that was one big blow to the Mossad and also the CIA because the technology transferred to Egypt and subsequently to other countries in the world. Al-Hawn was a simple young man from  Suez who found no job after the six days defeat in Egypt and thus he had to travel and work in across the Mediterranean harbors. The Mossad tried to recruit him because they needed to know more info about the navy and the army preparations in the canal and Alexandria. As soon as Al-Hawn returned back home , he informed the GIS and told them about the offer and from that moment Al-Hawn started to become our double agent in Tel Aviv. The story was immortalized thanks to Saleh Morsi’s novel  and in a TV series “ tears in bold eyes” starring Adel Emam “ it was among the roles that really changed his career forever”.
Now the big man who made an Israeli Mossad officer allegedly commit suicide can’t afford proper medical treatment nor a proper pension in his own country !!! Al-Hawn can’t afford heart surgeries and the government does not help nor wants to help him at all. I do not want to speak about the humiliation he suffered because honestly what do you wait from a government that pays millions of pounds for the ministers and their wives to have surgeries abroad and ignores the suffering of millions in the country!!?? 
After his appearance in “Manshet” the wonderful admin of “ We are all Khaled Said” page posted his mobile phone number and home address last night after the show asking the members to call him and to speak to him politely in order to cheer him up.
For those who really know me , know that I am very shy person but I overcome my shyness thanks to my mom and Nawara Negm who encouraged me to get my mobile phone and call him. I did not expect him to answer because people began to say that his phone was busy all day long due to the many calls he received from around the globe but it rang and  for a second I felt that I would be speechless. He answered himself and I was happy to listen to his voice directly , it was more cheerful than yesterday. He was so polite and kind . I told him that we all owe to it him and if I can do anything , I would do it immediately and he told me that my phone call was like medicine and thanked me so much.
It was a quick call , I did not speak too long to have some short statement for my blog or any media stuff because honestly I was like a kid who was giving a full tablespoon of sugar , I am excited up till now. I did not want to speak more because I knew many others especially from my generation have been trying to call him since the morning. I spoke to hero on the phone !!
I am happy that the Egyptian people stood beside their hero, this is the true metal of our great people.
There is more good news famous TV host Mahmoud Saad and famous civil architect Mamdouh Hamza decided to pay for his expenses
Dear Abdel Salam Mahgoub , you sold yourself to a devil called NDP so I am not surprised , you deserve to be called Abdel Salam by Ahmed Ezz !! I will say no more.


  1. i called him too this morning and i really cried for what he told me
    he said that only our phone calls made him get well and he doesn't feel sick anymore
    he was so happy he got more than 700 calls as he told me

  2. The power of beauty resides in giving
    And to those who gave so much
    Giving is duty

    Do you think our generation deserves the 'so called peace' it lives today? What have we done with it?


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