Thursday, December 9, 2010

And The Not So Gentlemen Strike Again

Do you remember what happened to Somaia Sharaf who was beaten by a police officer at the gate of her faculty  ?? I remember how some defended the police and said that not only police officers like that … to the end of this unrealistic talk , well I dedicate to those people the video below.
A group of plain clothed police officers beating and insulting a group of girls in the middle of the streets . I do have enough information about that video which was posted in “We are all Khaled Said group”.
I really apologize for the insults in this video but I am afraid this is the normal language of the police officers especially those who work in the streets and police stations “ Those who have direct access to the public ironically”
Warning : Graphic content
All what I understood that those plain clothed officers arrested someone related to these girls and were pushing him or her in to that micro-bus ; these girls were fighting the arrest. Despite how they were standing against the implementation of law “if it were really implemented in that case” , there is no debate that they should not be treated in that inhuman way.
The plain clothed officers were not only insulting the girls but also those who work under their supervision using words like “fagot” in order to make them feel powerless without them, this disrespect to the subordinates is reflected to the treatment of the subordinates to normal citizens.
That girl who was kicked and slapped in the street by a police cop will think twice before calling 122 for help or going to the police station to report about a crime. That officer who kicked and slapped that girl in the street will also kick and slap his wife and his daughters in the same way.
Mubarak Academy for Security "Natural reserve" !!
This has to do with the education system in the police academy , I remember that during my college I had a friend whose brother was studying in the academy and her conservative family was shocked when they knew that their son was taught to be rude and aggressive while treating others. The fact that you learn young recruits that they will be obeyed if you are rude and you scare the person in front of you using his weakness especially if he is less in the rank especially socially shows you a twisted mind , not a mind that works for implementing the law and spreading order in the society.
Moving to the police officers’ subordinates  from constables and cadets , this mentality is also transferred to them , especially they suffer from inferiority complex due to the treatment of the officers  and they reflect that complex in their treatment to the people especially from their class , the working class that fears police naturally. It was perfectly presented in Youssef Chahin’s last film “Le Chaos”.
My mom met with a former police general from the old good day and they were speaking about police now and they agreed that police 2010 was like the army pre-1967 , I think  about this comparison so much and I wonder when and how the police will have its setback to return again to its original role in serving the people not serving the regime.
Photo Source : Ahmed Gharbeia


  1. I like this part "....about police now and they agreed that police 2010 was like the army pre-1967...." i only hope that it will happen to the police tenfold what happened to the army's ego. I remember after the fall of the Berlin wall, what the crowd did to the Stazi bldg will also happen to the "son of Laz"....

  2. Our pretentious macho men, know how to be men only in bed. How many times will they stand by seeing violence by plain clothed police, in Alexandria 3 victims and no one moved and this video makes me so angry bec nt one person tried to meddle not even one!

  3. The Problem is not the police. It is the apathy of Egyptian Poeple. I don't know why they are all afraid?

    Cursed Egyptians!!! No comment!


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