Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And The Rising Generation Is Still Angry "Updated"

The students of EGC , EBC and Lycee Francias schools are still protesting the decision of the minister of education despite what he said yesterday at the news talk shows at night. The minister defended his decision claiming that nothing will change except the administration , of course he does not want to listen nor to answer why he only changed the school board and appointed another new one.
Angry students from all ages 
Now there is another theory for what exactly happened is that there are some investors who have an eye on the 20 acres of EGC , the EGC is from the few schools in the country that still have  enough space for proper sports activities including swimming. Many people suspect that the ministry wants a full control on the school so the government can sell the land without any objection from anyone. The location of the school is enough to sell those 20 acres for millions.

Mubarak , where is the democracy  we do not want it experimental 
I do not know how to explain the difference between the experimental and public schools except that I know you can’t continue in an experimental school except with a high score not less than 90% in each stage which is a stupid thing actually. This is why the experimental schools have high scores.
Today since 7.30 AM the students of EGC and EBS started an open strike in the school yards. Thousands of students came today along with their parents to protest the decision. The echoes of their protests were heard in the faculties of science and agriculture in university of Alexandria.
There are fears in other national institutions schools.
Updated : 

  • According to Al Masry Al Youm there were clashes between the students and the security forces and 7 students have been transferred to the hospital !!
  • According to the students themselves , they did not attack the security forces at the Lycee Francias school , in fact the undercover agents and security forces were the ones who attacked physically and verbally the students and did not differentiate between a boy or a girl.  "Videos and photos coming on the way"
  • The ministry decided to postpone the implementation of the decree till the end of the school year. 
  • The governor of Alex sent an envoy to the parents and told them that he needs only 3000 signatures to cancel the decision,tomorrow insh Allah they meet with him
  • More videos and photos from the 3rd day 

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