Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cablegate And Azerbaijan :Mehriban’s New Face

The Wikileaks’ cables do not only expose matters that should be kept away from the public but they are also show how the American diplomats think of the rulers of their host countries. It did not cause a problem in Europe because the Europeans know how the Americans think of them but it can cause and surely has caused a problem in third world countries because the emperors do not like to be reminded that they are wearing nothing.
The cable about Azerbaijan ‘s first lady is among these emperor’s new clothes’ cables. In a secret cable sent on January 27,2010 from the U.S embassy in Baku to both State department and treasury department along with the U.S embassy in Turkey , we are introduced to Who owns what in Azerbaijan. Normally every embassy in the world does this in the host country sending socio-economic data back home to help investors and companies back home aside from political decision making process. That cable was the first in a series to highlight the most important families in Azerbaijan that control economy after the fall of the U.S.S.R. 
The first cable in the series was about the first lady’s family and what they control “ there is one in every third world country !!”  and naturally there was a huge section dedicated to the first lady who owns the heart and mind of the President. The U.S diplomats  could not ignore her fascination with fashion and plastic surgery to the level that she can’t smile anymore and voilà the media frenzy started worldwide !!
The Pashayev women are known to be fashion-conscious and daring, far more so than the average woman in majority-Muslim Azerbaijan. First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva appears to have had substantial cosmetic surgery, presumably overseas, and wears dresses that would be considered provocative even in the Western world (reftel). On television, in photos, and in person, she appears unable to show a full range of facial expression.
According to international media that cable is funniest because of that paragraph , of course it is funny as  it makes fun from a woman who is crazy with plastic surgeries !! But if you read the whole cable and why it was sent , you will not find not funny or amusing but rather sad description to a tradition third world corrupted country in central Asia with huge amount of oil.
You will know how her foundation blackmails corrupted officials for donations for her silence. “Poloff is political officer”
One opposition politician recently told poloff that receipts of donations to the Foundation are a type of "get out of jail free card" for local officials, meaning that if these officials can show that they donate regularly, higher level officials will allow them to operate businesses and other activities locally without interference.
Or how she was chosen the best and active MP in her own country while she did not attend a single session in the Parliament !!? “Of course she will attend all sessions now !!”
Aliyeva is also a Member of Parliament and Goodwill Ambassador for UNESCO and ISESCO (the Organization of the Islamic Conference cultural organization). A recent survey of journalists accredited to Parliament declared her "the Most Active MP of 2009 in making legislative initiatives." Embassy monitors, who have attended nearly every session over the past year, have never seen her present in Parliament
UNESCO and ISECO should be ashamed for choosing her as an ambassador !!
Assange was not lying when he said that the Western media was selective because from among all the cables published about Azerbaijan ,they only highlighted what was mentioned about Mehriban and her face and ignored the war of oil companies  and strategic influences in that country in other cables.
The first time I saw the photo of Mehriban Aliyeva was in Lebanese women magazine Laha with Asama Al Assad of Syria and honestly I did not know that she is a grandmother !!
A first lady or model !!?
Already I do not believe that this photo of a first lady in the first place !!t is not about Islamic or Shiite traditions , even first ladies in the West do not dare to dress or pose for cameras like that !!
The firs lady of Azerbaijan for sure suffers from insecurities , may be when she was young she felt that she was the ugly duckling and now she is having her ultimate revenge. She is unsecured woman despite all her power , influence and money she has. It is common thing in dictatorships. Do not get me wrong ,I am totally with being beautiful and elegant but not trashy and vulgar not to mention corrupted. Jackie Kennedy is an icon with her elegance and also simplicity , Grace Kelly left Hollywood behind and became an icon of royalty !!
Anyhow Mehriban must have a summit with Cameroon’s first lady , it will be fun.
Of course I do not dare to make fun from Azerbaijan’s misery because in our own Arab countries including Egypt the rulers’ families and their in-laws own our countries and their wealth literally. We have seen the same cables but from different countries and names like in Libya and Tunisia. “ We do not need a cable to tell us about Egypt because we already know Winking smile
Photo source : Mehriban Aliyeva official website


  1. What's with Cameroon's first lady? just curious..Mehriban is stunning though!

  2. Mehriban may be stunning and comparable to Jackie O, but she is corrupt through and through. I think her beauty and humanitarian contributions create a facade of goodwill so that she can collect all the money and power she wants behind the scenes. I just read an article about her being connected and receiving personal funds directly from the State Oil Fund, run by equally corrupt Samir Sharifov. Mehriban may bring positive light to Azerbaijan, but don't let her beauty fool you!!

  3. in the country of azerbaijan, Minister of Finance Samir Sharifov and Azerbaijan First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva are corrupt and commit crimes against humanity and the people.

    The United Nations has opened a criminal investigation into Aliyeva and Sharifov. According to Mehriban Aliyeva's Wikipedia page,"The rise of SW Holding . . . serves to underscore how the political elite continues to use close friends and family members to preserve its hold on the country's most valuable assets -- despite Azerbaijani laws that list nepotism by state officials as an offense punishable by up to 12 years in jail."

  4. The First Lady of Azerbaijan is indeed a beautiful woman. But Mehriban Aliyeva is also a power-hungry woman who is corrupt and is building a vast empire consisting of many different sectors of Azerbaijan life. Mehriban Aliyeva is a billionaire and is getting rich at the expense of the rest of her country.

  5. I'm sorry but Mehriban Aliyeva is very trashy and vulgar looking, which is not a look that a First Lady of any country should ever look. If you want to see a First Lady that looks elegant and classy then women like Farah Pahlavi or Asma Al-Assad are examples. They dress well and look impeccable, they do not look like Russian prostitutes such as this Mehriban Aliyeva.


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