Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cablegate and KSA : Perverts Take Down Lebanese Al Akhbar

Some hackers  has taken down the Lebanese Akhbar newspaper official website after translating the full content of the Wikileaks in to Arabic. The hackers changed its home page to the home page of forum or chat called “ Saudi Perversion !!” and so the fingers of accusation is pointed to a Saudi hacking group despite some may have his doubts about it.
A Screen-cap from "Saudi Perversion" !!

We can’t find a reason any other why a Saudi hacking group would such thing except that they are angry from the Wikileaks’ cables the newspaper translates and publishes about the Arab world exclusively. It is reported that the newspaper publish cables that have not yet been published at the official Wikileaks website. “I highly doubt it”
Here is the official URL of the popular leftist independent newspaper :
And here is the temporary blog of the Lebanese Al Akhbar , it is clever day because you need one hell of power to hack the servers.
This is the first reaction from its kind following the publishing of Wikileaks cables online in Arabic. Officially Saudi Arabia announced that the cables do not matter because its authenticity is disputed.
Saudi Arabia’s royal family is negatively portrayed in the cables , its King is shown as a man who is dying for a war with Iran who suggests that the American administration implements GPS chips  in the back of the GTMO released prisoners while having good secret relations with Israel without the knowledge of his people
The last popular cable about Saudi Arabia was about princes who have sex and booze parties in Jeddah at the heart of the ultra Orthodox Islamic country.

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