Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Carmel Fire

Since last Friday there has been a massive bushfire in the forests of the mount Carmel area , north of Israel that forced the Israeli government to ask help from the world countries to stop the fire that killed about 41 people and burned thousands of acres in Carmel.  Mubarak sent immediately in no time the firefighting planes to Israel ,Greece and Turkey  sent their firefighting planes too along with UK, U.S , Azerbaijan and Romania.  The big surprise is that the IAF is not trained or equipped enough unlike its picture portrayed in the media.

Here is a photo gallery from the Mt. Carmel bushfire showing the fire itself, the Greek and Turkish pilots “Can’t find photos for the Egyptian pilots” and people’s reaction “very few photos”

Erdogan called Bibi to present his condolence for the death of those Israelis in what considered as a move to break the ice between Israel and Turkey. I am not surprised from the aid Turkey presented to Israel in that urgent time as Turks are working on presenting Turkey as the leading moderate country of the Middle East but I am surprised from that phone call that came after the Turkish accusation to Tel Aviv of being behind the cable Wikileaks. Erdogan is badly portrayed as corrupted Turkish Tycoon in the cables related to Turkey.

Erdogan  is being attacked widely now in the Arab world for his decision and telephone call , of course the Egyptian decision is categorized as treason. The rapid reaction of Cairo is amazing considering the fact that in national disasters we do not find this rapid reaction. People are angry especially that Mubarak did not send an aid to the Palestinians during the Gaza war as soon as possible. “Nawara Negm summarized this feeling prefectly and angrily"

To be honest I think as Arabs we should consider the fact that this was not fire in an IDF base but rather forests of the Carmel where there are Arab villages. Of course I can’t deny that the so fast reaction of Mubarak to help Israel provokes me, we did not help Haiti or Pakistan that fast and they were in desperate need more than Israel.

The Al Qaida claimed responsibility of the fire but nobody buys this at all still the Israeli government announced that it arrested two suspects from a Druze village on the suspicion of arson but later denied their connection to the bushfire in the Carmel area.

With my all respect the bushfire is terrible , nobody can deny it especially people were killed and thousands of acres were burned but I hope that the same media attention would be given to the arson incidents happening all over the Palestinian territories all the time.


  1. Hey,

    I like your articles. I'm following your blog from the U.S. I think it's very well written.

    Please use the full name of the organization. for example IAF, what is that stands for ?


  2. Thank you so much Mena. IAF stands for the Israeli Air forces while the IDF stands for the Israeli Defense forces

  3. You Z, Im torn on this one. One one hand, I agree that as humans we need to set aside our differences at the time of crisis and I do believe from a religious point of view, we arent ones to not lend a hand to one who is suffering even if that person or country were our enemy and even if they do not do the same. The issue is not also black or white, there are palestinians living there and there are israeli civilians there and in the end this fire is taking place in an occupied country. So, I do see the dilemma of both the Egy and Palis presidents. Ive read Palestinian comments that were on the other end of the argument, which goes to show how controversial this issue is and how despite our despise to the illegitimate and criminal entity of Israel and those supporting it, we will have issues of human nature where we will meet. BTW, Israel did offer to help us during the Deweqa catastrophe.

    On the other hand, It makes me so angry that Mubarak jumps quickly to aid another country, while the help of our gov in any local incident was always late and inefficient. I totally also agree w u on our lack of interest to help Gaza, Pakistan, the most major human disaster of recent and Haiti. Im sad to say this but more and more its clear the Arab presidents and Monarchs are best friends with Israel and do not see this entity the way we the ppl mostly see it and for this alone they need to go, they do not represent their ppl any more.
    On the other hand,

  4. "The big surprise is that the IAF is not trained or equipped enough unlike its picture portrayed in the media."

    It's not the IAF duty to fight fires.

  5. @idit: it was reported that the reaction of Israelis is that they are shocked their so-called strong and super duper air force cant deal w the fire, it tells a lot about their ability to deal w a crisis and for sure during war times there are major fires.
    Sure, the IDF are trained coward killers, we all knw that and knw how strong they are in killing mostly women, kids, generally civilians who have no weapons.

  6. Diplomatically it is the standard thing to do in the modern world, to help your adversary nation-states in time of natural disaster. The reason is that the respect and good will earned by the helper nation in the world community is usually much more valuable than the strategic advantage gained by witholding help. The fire, serious though it is, is not a threat to Israel's existence.

  7. @Jason: Well, we dnt wt the fire or its results are capable of, so nt the point. After all its another example of Israel destroying Palestinian resources, this time by the stupidity of 2 Israeli teenagers.

    So, according to you, u help a country for the benefits you will get later on bec of ur help and nt bec they are also humans and need assistance. There is a name for that and it aint nice. For me, Id rather we help out bec we care for human life in general and nt bec we are waiting for a treat. I have to see, Mubarak probably follows ur line of thinking, u see he thinks smooching to Israel will get his son the top seat.

  8. "So, according to you, u help a country for the benefits you will get later on bec of ur help and nt bec they are also humans and need assistance."

    Yes. That's how international relations work, sorry.

  9. "Id rather we help out bec we care for human life in general"

    Sure. Northern blaze delights many in the Arab world


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