Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dr.ElBaradei’s Newest Video Message

Dr. ElBaradei has a new video message to the Egyptian people and unlike any other previous message it is noticeable that he is angry.
In his 12 minutes he mentioned several things like the Wafd and Saad Zagloul experience , the right of the army to vote in the elections , the constitution that made the Egyptian people poor slaves ‘yes he said so’. The opposition should be united and declare that it will boycott the presidential elections unless there are serious guarantees “which are represented in the demands” . Those who benefit from the regime from businessmen should know that the regime will not continue ruling forever and that they should not be part from the destroying “Egypt” process. These businessmen have to help the other half of the Egyptian people , you can have profit as you want but in a society that enjoys social justice.
A Message from Dr. ElBaradei
ElBaradei warns the Egyptian regime telling it that it is its last chance otherwise the consequences will be drastic especially if the regime continues in its policies in cracking down opposition peaceful movement like  what we see in front of us. He asked the intellectuals to forget all their differences for the sake of the nation.
We do not have real industry , we do not have real agriculture , we laugh on ourselves and the world laughs on us
You are not investing in your future , you are investing in the end of what you have , in destroying Egypt and in destroying the future generations.
And he reminded us how he was right about the elections. Despite all this he is optimistic especially with the young generations that fights for democracy. 
I do not think that we will see this message on any Egyptian TV channel so please spread it. 
Dr. ElBaradei will visit Upper Egypt starting with Minya and Luxor next week if I am not mistaken. Upper Egypt includes the most poorest areas in the country according to official numbers.
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  1. And he finally does it - he mentions Sudan - and he confirms our suspicions - he takes the standardised, re-hashed view oblivious of the wishes and experience of the Sudanese people.

    He says: Egypt is in a dire situation, Sudan is splitting up...

    Sudan is splitting up at the behest of the Sudanese people and political forces - both in government and in opposition - after shedding blood and losing over 2 million people in Africa's longest civil war.

    And Egypt still wants Sudan to be united...

    And Baradei still sees Sudan's break-up as a problem.

    This does not bode well for the future.

    Egypt has already lost the goodwill of South Sudan and Ethiopia and many in the North have become indifferent.

    Good luck instigating change - but re: relations with Sudan - all the problems we identified still stand un-addressed.

  2. Egypt is not the only one wanting and fearing a split Sudan. Im amazed how a Sudanese would be happy seeing his country splitting at a time when small countries try to join unions, you are dancing to your own country's splitting!! Several news reports speak of fear of US and EU about wt may happen, how Southern Sudan lacks on so many factors that cld insure stability and ability to run a country ect. I guess ur eyes only see us. Egypt has every right to take wtever position deemed as serving its own interests.
    He said this in the context of how all Arab countries are at a dire situation, Sudan just happens to be one of them. So, calm down.
    In case u havent noticed, our need to bring change surpasses any thing else, including the so-called issues you and your gang have been barking about. Last bt not least, the man said one phrase and you come here and add words to his mouth and conclude stuff, so typical of your way of thinking. Look at the context of the words, wt other issues were mentioned w it and may be just may be you realise you got your celebration gears out too soon.

  3. Several news reports speak of fear of US and EU about wt may happen - please provide evidence.

    To completely 'disprove' what you've said - I'll provide evidence:

    Statement by U.S., U.K., Norway on Southern Sudan Referendum

    If the US and UK 'feared' the outcome of the referendum they wouldn't be supporting it.

    US says South Sudan independence ’inevitable’,,36226

    Who is to say that secession impedes consolidation into large economic and security-based unions?

    The East African Community is comprised of countries that have always had commonalities and is successfully integrating them.

    Let Juba join the East African Community and we in Khartoum shall join with Ethiopia in 'mutually-beneficial' agreements - just like you in Egypt have your QIZ and other regional Levantine agreements.

    Egypt has every right to take wtever position deemed as serving its own interests - so does Sudan so 'brotherhood' and other airy-fairy notions that are insulting to the collective Sudanese intelligence don't come into play.

    If we want to sign up to the New Nile Basin accord we should - and we will it's only a matter of time.

    If we want to establish relations with Israel like you do we should - and we will it's only a matter of time.

    If we recognise and give peoples the right to self-determination we are applauded by the whole world...apart from Egypt.

    And here is a Southern Sudanese perspective on Egyptian policy towards Sudan - which Baradei seems to be following:

    Egypt is too Selfish towards South Sudan
    Justin Ambago Ramba. Secretary General - United South Sudan Party [USSP],37202

  4. @Last Sudanese: well, the US came yesterday or the day before saying probably no ref happening now. Also, do a bit of google search and ull find analysis articles proving wt I said. I was myself surprised. Life isnt as pinky as you and the 5 or no 5 or 6 Sudanese come here and claim. Again, why is it that you are so happy your own country will be splitting is beyond me.

    In all cases, again, this post is about El Baradie, he mentioned Sudan as part of a statement about the not so good position of Egypt and countries of the region in general. The result, was another Sudanese coming here and saying oh look hes also against the split, well of course we are all against the split, we have every right to defend our interests even if that will hurt your feelings and also we are not the only country fearing wt will happen if the split didnt turn out as pinky as you would like to think.
    Egypt is too selfish :D of course like any other country that looks first to serve its own interests.
    BTW, its so sad none of you are offended by the fact that apparently the US bombed your country for the sake of Israel. Oh I forgot, the US is good bec its splitting your country and China thats taking over in your country is good bec its building stuff w ur own money the only one that has been bad is Egypt right. What a bunch of idiots really

  5. @ Anonymous - do you really think you know the affairs of our country better than we do - bearing in mind the fact that most Egyptians know 'nothing' about Sudan...????????

    The referendum that you are referring to is the 'Abyei' referendum - do you know what Abyei is, or where it's located or what its geographical or demographic make-up is..?

    The South Sudan referendum 'will' take place on the 9th of January - don't skim through things - read them properly.

    Of course the break-up of Sudan is beyond you because you are not Sudanese, because you have not been forcibly conscripted in the army, because you don't know anyone in their 20's who has lost their life fighting for a lost cause, because you don't even admit that black-face is racist and refuse to see anything beyond the length of your nose, no cultural awareness or sensitivity whatsoever - no ability to empathise, to put yourself in the others' shoe, to realise that 'people' Sudanese people, are more important than natural resources...

    But at least we agree on one thing - all countries look out for their interests - and we will be looking out for ours in the Nile Basin.

    We should really outdo Egypt at being Egyptian, at co-opting both the US and Israel - by the way it was Israeli and not US planes that bombed the East of Sudan (a part of which Egypt occupies in Halayeb).

    And pinky?
    MS Word has a thesaurus.
    Our civil war was never 'pinky' - but then again what would you know...

  6. @the Sudanese commenter (trust me its a word in the dictionary), I don't know anything about the Sudanese culture (except ezayokom kifenokom song by Sayed Khalifa), I have never been to Sudan, and I don't have any Sudanese friends. However I did check google and found out that On 20 August 1998, the United States launched an attack on Khartoum in Sudan, bombing the al-Shifa pharmaceutical plant under direct orders from President Bill Clinton. So please correct your information about YOUR country.

  7. @ Hazem - I respect your honesty.

    Yes there was that attack, there was also a more recent attack that was brought to light by wikileaks...

    Let's stay uptodate...


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