Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Elections Follow Up : Final Numbers

These are the final results of the Egyptian parliamentary elections 2010 according the High elections committee :

  • The number of seats in the Egyptian parliament are 504
  • The number of seats the NDP party “ruling party in Egypt has scored are 439 seats
  • The number of seats the independent members have scored are 49 seats
  • The numbers of seat the opposition parties have scored are 16 seats !!!!!

The Egyptian Parliament 2010

In detailed numbers here is the nullified Egyptian Parliament 2010 :

Party No. of Seats “504”
NDP 439
Independent  48
Al Wafd Party 8
Tagammu Party 5
Muslim brotherhood 1
Ghad Party “Moussa” 1
Social Peace Party 1
Justice party 1
Geel Party 1

The Egyptian Parliament 2010 detailed results

  • some independent members have joined the NDP and some opposition parties members like Al Wafd members have been fired for the disobeying the party order to boycott the elections and the parliament.
  • The Muslim brotherhood members are legally independent members , already they are boycotting the elections.
  • Only 3 Christian candidates have won the elections from the NDP , it is expected that the 10 appointed members Mubarak choose will be from Christians. “Serious Christian candidates from the opposition have lost amazingly”
  • As a result of Wafd party’s boycott to the Parliament , the Leftist Tagammu will lead the opposition !!

What kind of parliament this can be !!?

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